Bald Eagle #15-0642 Release Scheduled

Bald Eagle #15-0642 has been very flying well during the past week. On August 20, the veterinary team caught the eagle for pre-release blood work and an examination. Dr. Dana declared the eagle to be in good condition, and blood work results were all within normal limits. The eagle is ready for release!

Wildlife Center President Ed Clark will release Bald Eagle #15-0642 at Widewater State Park on Wednesday, August 26 at 11:30 a.m. The release will be open to the public; those planning on attending should RSVP to lkegley@wildlifecenter.orgAs we will have two Bald Eagle releases next week, please indicate which release you plan on attending!

Widewater Park is in its initial development. Please note that there will be no restroom facilities at the release site.

The release will take place off of Brent Point Road. The approximate location of the gated entrance to the field can be found here. Please use these directions to get to the release site:  

On I-95 S from DC toward Richmond, take exit 150A for Joplin Rd.
Turn right at the light onto Rt 1 southbound.
After about 4 miles, turn left (at a stoplight) onto Telegraph Rd.

Directions for anyone coming from Richmond are:
On I-95 N from Richmond toward DC, take exit 143A for Aquia Harbor.
Turn left at the light onto Rt 1 northbound.
After about 4 miles, turn right (at a stoplight) onto Telegraph Rd.

Upon turning onto Telegraph Rd:
After half a mile, turn left onto Widewater Rd.
After about 4 miles, Widewater Rd makes a sharp right and turns into Arkendale Rd.
After 2 miles, turn left to cross over the railroad tracks and onto Brent Point Rd.
Continue on Brent Point Rd for about 2.5 miles.
Immediately after passing a pond on the right is a turnoff with a metal gate, which will be open for the event.
Follow the park road (dirt/gravel surface) to the parking area.