Critter Cams

The Wildlife Center currently has Critter Cam cameras in multiple locations inside the hospital and in outdoor enclosures; we provide three live feeds. A moderated discussion is shared for all three channels.

Critter Cam 1

Critter Cam 2

Channel 1 features one of our education birds: Buddy the Bald Eagle or Maggie the Peregrine Falcon or Buttercup the Black Vulture. We also feature Hospital Cam once a month on this channel. Click to watch Critter Cam 1 now!

Channel 2 features Great Horned Owls ... Bald Eagles, or Bear cubs. Click to watch now!

Critter Cam 3


Channel 3 features Black Bear cubs! Click to watch now. 


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July 22, 2018

  • Steve and Lisa Fahrenkrog

    Happy 13th Birthday Olivia, our little critter lover! Thanks to everyone at WCV for all you do!