The Wildlife Center of Virginia is a hospital for native wildlife, teaching the world to care about and to care for wildlife and the environment

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July 8, 2020

This past week, two of the young Bald Eaglets of 2020 -- #20-0744 [purple wing bumpers] and #20-0803 [pink wing bumpers] were moved back to flight pen A3, after some repairs were made to the lofted

July 6, 2020

Unfortunately, Bald Eagle 20-2251 was found deceased in its enclosure on the evening of July 4.  Dr.

July 3, 2020

On July 2, a juvenile Bald Eagle was found after it reportedly flew into a window and crash landed in Portsmouth, Virginia.

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Learn about the Wildlife Center’s current patients and success stories.

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Conservation During COVID-19 Crisis

Please be assured that we’re open and ready to help wild animals in need. We’ve made adjustments to some of our regular operations to protect the health of our staff and the general public.

Summer Programs

Looking for something wild this summer? The Center offers live virtual tours and programs, as well as videos, Critter Cams, and other online activities. No matter what your age, there’s plenty of wildlife to explore online!


Season 2 of the Wildlife Center's television series, Untamed, begins on Thursday, May 21! Learn more, and catch up on Season 1 now. 

Need Wildlife Assistance?

Do you know what to do if you find a young wild animal?  Many times, rescuers think an animal is orphaned, when the young bird or mammal is still receiving care from an unseen parent. Sometimes these animals don't need any "help" from us at all!

Wildlife Care Academy

The Wildlife Care Academy provides excellent academic programs in the fields of wildlife rehabilitation, medicine, and conservation. There are a number of on-demand classes available for you to learn at your own pace! 

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