Untamed: Life is Wild is an award-winning television series co-produced by the Wildlife Center of Virginia and VPM, Virginia's home for public media. The series focuses on a variety of wildlife issues drawn directly from the stories of the thousands of wild animals in need of care that arrive at the Wildlife Center’s doorstep every year. The stories of these animals illustrate the wider problems wildlife face — litter, pesticides, free-roaming domestic animals, habitat loss, and diseases – and challenge viewers to take action to protect wildlife.

Missed an episode of Season 4? Watch here. The eight-episode season focuses on a wide variety of conservation and environmental issues and discusses how our actions impact wildlife and the landscape around us.

Episode 401: The Greater Impact of Wildlife Patients

Learn more about The Greater Impact of Wildlife Patients in our compendium! 


Episode 402: Predators

Learn more about the vital role of predators in our compendium!

Episode 403: Citizen Science 

Learn more about citizen science in our compendium!

Episode 404: Land Management

Learn more about Land Management in our compendium! 

Episode 405: Invasive Species

Learn more about invasive species in our compendium!

Episode 406: Watersheds

Learn more about watersheds in our compendium!

Episode 407: Pollinators

Learn more about pollinators in our compendium! 


Episode 408: Wild Winter Worlds


Learn more about Wild Winter Worlds in our compendium! 

Catch up on Past Seasons

Season One (2019) was 13 episodes long.  Each episode focused on a different species treated at the Center, including Black Bears, Bald Eagles, vultures, songbirds, and more.

Season Two (2020) was 13 episodes long.  Each episode explored a challenging wildlife issue from the perspective of a large wildlife hospital, including issues such as lead poisoning, litter, outdoor cats,  One Health, and more.

Season Three (2021) was eight episodes long, with episodes highlighting environmental issues, challenges for wildlife, and the inner workings of a wildlife hospital.  Topics included wildlife corridors, conservation and public policy, outdoor ethics, and reconnecting with nature. 

Untamed on the Radio

Each week, a 90-second radio spot airs on VPM News (88.9 FM)! New spots air on Wednesday mornings during Morning Edition, repeat Wednesday afternoons on All Things Considered, and again on Saturdays during Weekend Edition. Listen in and learn about a wide range of seasonal wildlife conservation issues and what you can do to make a difference. 


Interested in bringing Untamed to your local PBS station?

Untamed Seasons One, Two, and Three are available to public television stations across the country through American Public Television. Interested viewers may contact their local public television to request that they air Untamed!