Black Bear yearling #17-1767 update

On September 8, Dr. Peach darted and anesthetized Black Bear yearling #17-1767 so that she could examine and radiograph the yearling’s fractured leg. Today marks eight weeks since the bear’s surgery with Dr. Padron.

Dr. Peach found that the bear’s fractured leg has healed well; the fracture line is still visible, but a callus formation is present. The bear currently has a slightly decreased range of motion in his left elbow compared to his right, but nothing that is of concern right now. The bear is in great condition and weighed in at 27.4 kg.

The bear was moved to the right side of the Center’s Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. This is a larger space than the bear has had access to during the healing period, and will allow the bear to stretch, walk, and climb in a controlled space before the yearling is moved to the Center’s Black Bear Complex for additional exercise.