We know that wildlife rehabilitators have access to the highest abundance and diversity of wildlife species of any government, academic, or non-profit organization in North America. That provides wildlife rehabilitators with a unique “window” on wildlife health and invaluable information that no other group can provide. Unfortunately, medical records from these rehabbers are not currently kept in a standardized format and therefore cannot be compiled and compared across regions or throughout the country. That is about to change. The Wildlife Center of Virginia has created a new user-friendly online medical record system that will allow standardized information to be recorded on each patient and will assist rehabilitators with patient management.  That new system is called WILD-ONe (aka Wildlife Incident Log/Database and Online Network). WILD-ONe has been designed specifically with the rehabber’s needs in mind — from the home-based rehabilitator to larger professionally staffed centers. The database has many built-in tools to help with patient admission, treatment, and rehabilitation. Using the advanced search functions, all major fields may be queried and in combination. In addition, by the end of 2011, WILD-ONe will be able to automatically generate all the information required for annual wildlife rehabilitation permit reports, saving hours or even days of time. One of the best parts about the new WILD-ONe software … it’s free for wildlife rehabilitators for the following commitments: [1] timely entry of all patient data into the system [within a month]; and [2] sharing a limited amount of basic data about each patient (considered public information).  The information will be combined with information from other users and used to monitor trends in wildlife health across North America. In the future, we intend to make a full set of analytical tools available to the rehabilitation community as an online feature.


TRY IT OUT.  We encourage you to take a tour of WILD-One and get a sense of how it works: LEARN MORE.  We also encourage you to read the Terms of Use and Frequently Asked Questions. Please also see a list of upcoming features! SIGN UP. Go to the WILD-ONe launch page (www.wild-one.org) and follow the easy steps to register a new organization or join as a member of an existing organization. CONTACT US. WILD-ONe is designed to enhance patient management through the use of online medical tools and the standardized collection of health information.  To learn more about WILD-ONe and how it might play a role in your work, please contact us at wild-one@wildlifecenter.org.