Where were they? Chincoteague Eagle Archives 2018-19

January 2018

January 27: On January 27, Bald Eagle C46 checked in while exploring farmland near Milton, Delaware.

March 2018

March 4: Bald Eagle C46 has made it back to Virginia, but checked in a bit further south than her usual Chincoteague Island visit; the eagle was exploring Newport News and Hampton, Virginia around March 4, 2018.

April 2018

April 6: During late March and early April, Bald Eagle C46 explored southern Delaware, central and southern Maryland, and Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Most recently on April 6, the eagle checked in just off of the Chincoteague Island on the Virginia mainland.

May 2018

May 11: Bald Eagle C46 continues to bounce back and forth between Chincoteague Island and southern Maryland, farther inland. Most recently, the eagle checked in on May 11 near Cokesbury, Maryland.

May 30: Bald Eagle C46 headed back to Virginia during the end of May, checking in from Toms Cover along Chincoteague Island on May 30.

June 2018

June 30: Bald Eagle C46 is staying near southern Maryland and Chincoteague Island, Virginia, this summer; the bird checked in along the island on June 30.


July 2018

July 15:  We’re approaching the fourth anniversary of Bald Eagle C46’s release [August 20]. As the GPS transmitters age, quality and frequency of data degrade; the batteries in the transmitters are not intended to last more than a few years.

In the past year, we’ve seen evidence of transmission failures with missing data and infrequent check-ins. Still, even the briefest check-ins are exciting, because they tell us that the eagle is still alive and moving around!

On July 15, C46 checked in near Cokesbury, Maryland near a patchwork of farmland.

August 2018

August 26: Scattered check-ins from the past month indicate that Bald Eagle C46 is in southern Delaware. Most recently, the bird checked in just south of Georgetown, Delaware.

January 2019

January 24: After five months without a check-in, we assumed that Bald Eagle C46’s battery was depleted – but this bird surprised us!

On January 25, C46’s tracker did a “data dump” for the past four months. We can see that this bird spent time in its usual territory of southern Delaware, southeastern Maryland, and the Eastern Shore/Chincoteague Island in Virginia.

The eagle made trips spanning between Georgetown, DE and Accomack County, VA, with a few visits to its natal territory on Chincoteague Island.

We don’t expect to get more data from this eagle’s journey, but perhaps we’ll be surprised again!

May 2019

May 20: Bald Eagle C46 continues to periodically check in! Though the check-in data is spotty, it shows the C46 has remained in the southern Delaware/Maryland area this spring, with occasional visits to the eagle’s natal territory on Chincoteague Island in Virginia.

May 28: Bald Eagle C46 checked in on May 28 from Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

June 2019

June 12: Bald Eagle C46 continues to check in! On June 12, the eagle was just outside of Parsonburg, Maryland.  

July 2019

July 14: A brief blip tells us that Bald Eagle C46 checked in near Princess Anne, Maryland on July 14.

August 2019

August 1: C46 checked in again this month! We're missing quite a few data points, and we know that the battery on the eagle's GPS unit is quite low, but we're able to tell that the bird is still spending time in Maryland and Delaware. This month is the five-year release anniversary of this bird -- the eagle is fully mature and likely setting up its home territory. 

September 2019

September 9: Despite a very low battery on C46's GPS transmitter, we received another check-in in late September. It appears as though many data points are missing, which gives the map incomplete tracking lines, but it's good to know that the mature Bald Eagle continues to explore Delaware. 

October 2019

October 10: C46 is back in Virginia, near her hatch location! We're still missing a number of data points, likely due to the low battery and age of the eagle's GPS transmitter, but we can see that on September 29, the bird left the Delaware area and starting flying south along the coast. The eagle crossed into  Maryland, flew past Ocean City, and into Virginia along the Eastern Shore. On October 10, the bird checked in near Birdsnest, Virginia in Northampton County. 

January 2020

January 2020 update for November 9, 2019:  C46 checked in on January 9, 2020, though her most recent data point was from November 9, 2019 -- in her established territory of Delaware. The eagle's GPS unit has a rather low battery voltage currently, which isn't all that surprising given the age of the transmitter. This bird has been checking in for five-and-a-half years now!

January 27: Amazingly enough, C46 checked in again! While we’re still missing a fair number of data points from her travels in the past two months, we can see that on January 9, the six-year-old bird left Delaware and flew south to Maryland. The bird spent several days on the Eastern Shore of Virginia before flying over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Virginia Beach.

 March 18: Once again, C46 checked in! Much like the last couple of sporadic check-ins, we're missing a number of data points, likely due to the age of her transmitter. But with the information that we're given, we can see that she continues to explore Delaware, Maryland, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. At her latest check-in, she was right near her birthplace (and release site) of Chincoteague. It's amazing to think that she is now six years old this spring! 

April 10: We received a little bit of data on Bald Eagle C46 this month! While the mature eagle continues to spend time in Delaware and Maryland, the bird flew back to the Eastern Shore of Virginia on April 9. 

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