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January 2014

January 5: NX's battery keeps on ticking! On January 5, Bald Eagle NX checked in again. She's still in King George County, and since her December 28 check-in, she flew about five miles east to Ninde. She then flew west again, and is currently on the south end of Mason Millpond, which is a reservoir located about six miles from Dahlgren.

January 14: Bald Eagle NX checked in on January 14, and was still in King George County -- about 2.2 miles northeast of the millpond where she last checked in.

Interestingly enough, NX's former Wildlife Center roommate, Bald Eagle KS, was spotted last week in Virginia Beach. Because these two birds are the same age (hatched in 2011), we imagine this is what NX must look like now!

NX will turn three in March 2014. Here's a look back at what "big brother" Buddy looked like at about the same age:

January 20: Another check-in from NX! Over the past six days, it appears as though NX covered a nine-mile stretch of King George County and ventured back into Westmoreland County ... before returning to King George County. NX re-visited Rosier Creek before flying north.

January 31: Bald Eagle NX is still checking in ... during the past two weeks, NX has been continuing to explore King George County. She flew over Wood Island shortly after her January 20 check-in, and currently is near Mason Millpond again.

February 2014

February 2: NX checked in again -- during the weekend, she flew about eight miles south of her January 30 location. She is currently on the banks of the Rappahannock River, just east of Port Royal.

February 6: Bald Eagle NX has continued to fly along the Rappahannock during the past few days!

February 14: We're missing some data points on NX's latest check-in, but the newest info shows that during the past week, NX has flown more than 19 miles east. She is just across the Rappahannock River from her May 2012 release location.

February 17: It looks like NX has returned to her 2012 release area! On February 17, she was about two miles south of the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge, at the confluence of Waterview Creek and the Rappahannock River, on Mulberry Island.

February 21: During the course of last week, NX flew around the perimeter of Mulberry Island, before flying across the Rappahannock River. On February 21, she was on the west bank of the river.

March 2014

March 6: NX checked in today after an almost two-week break in communication; it looks like she's been on the move! NX is currently in Lancaster, Virginia, on the Little Branch of the Corrotoman River. This spot is about 28 miles southeast of where NX checked in on February 21.

March 12: Bald Eagle NX remains in Lancaster County -- just as she's getting ready to turn three years old [March 15]! On March 12, NX checked in less than a mile from Deep Creek, which is the body of water that is to the east of Belle Isle State Park.

March 21: Bald Eagle NX continues to explore Lancaster County. In the past week, she's flown about nine miles to the east and is currently hanging out on Quarter Cove, which is just off of the Eastern Branch of the Corrotoman River.

March 27: NX remains in Lancaster County, although she's flown to the eastern part of the county. At her latest check-in, NX was on the western end of Dymer Creek, about two miles south of Kilmarnock.

April 2014

April 1: Bald Eagle NX is still in Lancaster County; over the past five days, she's flown north over Lancaster and is currently in a stand of trees in the northern part of the county. It's been nearly two years since NX's re-release [after her December 2011 injury] -- it's great to see her doing so well in the wild!

A zoomed-out view with several check-in locations from the past 10 months:


April 3: During the past two days, Bald Eagle NX flew back to Richmond County. At her April 3 check-in, she was just a little more than a mile away from her May 2012 release location at the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge!

April 5: Bald Eagle NX moved a few miles north over the past two days. She's currently on the Peedee Creek in Westmoreland County.NX moved a few miles north over the past two days. She's currently on the Peedee Creek in Westmoreland County.

Some NX fans have been asking about a map of all of NX's adventures. Here is a map that reflects NX's travels from her August 2011 release to current day. [Note: the vertical purple line on the left is not part of her travels]


April 7: Since her last check-in, NX flew across the Rappahannock River into Essex County.

April 20: Bald Eagle NX left the Rosier Creek area last week and flew to Aquia Creek. On Easter Sunday, she checked in right by someone's house! This area is just about three miles east of Stafford and is near Widewater State Park. Interestingly enough, NX visited Aquia Creek exactly one year ago -- April 20, 2013.

April 25: NX has remained on Aquia Creek in Stafford County during the past few days.

April 28: Bald Eagle NX flew about five miles north and is currently just south of Quantico -- another familiar spot for her!

May 2014

May 3: NX has left the state! On May 3, NX checked in from Charles County, Maryland. She flew 10.2 miles from her spot south of Quantico to Hill Top Fork, just east of Nanjemoy, Maryland. NX flew over this Maryland peninsula last year, but according to our maps, did not stop in Maryland at that time.

May 5: Bald Eagle NX checked in again today from Maryland; she's continued to explore the peninsula of Charles County, MD during the past weekend.

May 7: NX checked in today -- she's still in Maryland! At today's check-in, she was on the banks of the Potomac River; Quantico is on the Virginia side of the river, just a little more than two miles away.

May 16: NX did not check in today for her two-year release anniversary, but we're thinking of her and remembering her 2012 release at the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge. NX was another a success story -- definitely one to be celebrated on Endangered Species Day!


May 20: After a two-week hiatus in Bald Eagle NX checked in today. She's still in Maryland, just across the Potomac River from Quantico.

And, in honor of NX's two-year release anniversary last week, here's a look back at all of her travels. This includes all of the data collected since August 2011. [Note: the purple line on the left is not a part of NX's travels; that was on the transmitter data prior to attaching to NX]. 

May 23: NX is still exploring the Maryland side of the Potomac River!

May 28: Bald Eagle NX was still in Maryland on her last check-in, though she has flown a few miles south. On May 28, she was at Mallows Bay, which is known as a "ship graveyard".

You can see some of the abandoned ships on this Google Earth image!


June 2014

June 1: NX is now a little more than a half-mile south of her May 28 check-in -- she's still near Mallows Bay in Maryland.

June 6: Bald Eagle NX returned to Virginia! NX flew west over the Potomac River and at her latest check-in, was just a few miles south of Quantico again.

June 17: NX is only 0.13 miles away from where she checked in a week and a half ago -- but it's clear that she's been flying up and down the Potomac River coastline, just south of Quantico.

June 23: Bald Eagle NX checked in again on June 19 and June 23 -- she seems to be enjoying the mile-long stretch of river just south of Quantico.

June 25: NX continues to hang out just south of Quantico -- it looks like she thought about flying across the river back to Maryland, but changed her mind halfway there!

June 27: Bald Eagle NX seems to have found a particularly good roost just south of Quantico; she continues to remain in this area.

July 2014

July 8: Still hanging out just south of Quantico!

July 16: NX checked in again on July 16 -- still just south of Quantico. July 16 marks the two-year, two-month anniversary since NX's release in May 2012. It's been nearly three years since NX was fitted with her transmitter!

July 28: Bald Eagle NX continues to stay just south of Quantico. This is a well-known spot for East Coast Bald Eagles -- she must be in good company!

August 2014

August 6 and 11: NX is still in the same area -- just south of Quantico. NX continues to fly on the west side of the Potomac River.

August 25: Since her check-in two weeks ago, Bald Eagle NX has been on the move! NX flew south to Potomac Creek, which is on the border of Stafford and King George Counties. For those following the two Chincoteague Eaglets, which are also being tracked via GPS transmitters, Potomac Creek is about 111 miles west of Chincoteague.

August 27: NX is still on the move -- she returned to Rosier Creek, an old favorite hang-out of hers. NX was last in this area in April.

August 29: Bald Eagle NX flew 14.8 miles south in the past two days. She's currently on the Rappahannock River, at the Westmoreland and Richmond County border. NX visited this area in early April 2014, and is currently about 5.2 miles away from her 2012 release site.

August 31: During the past two days, NX stayed in the same general area -- exploring the area around the Westmoreland and Richmond County border.

September 5: NX checked in on the Virginia side of the Potomac River, about 11 miles north of her May 2012 release site.

September 15: NX continues to fly on the banks of the Potomac River. At today's check-in, she was at Longwood Swamp and Pope's Creek.


September 24: Bald Eagle NX checked in again. During the past week, she's remained in the same general area along the banks of the Potomac River. Today, she is at Westmoreland State Park. It appears as though she is near the visitor center.

October 2014

October 10: After nearly three weeks of silence, NX checked in again! We expected the batteries on NX's GPS backpack to run out in the summer of 2013 -- it's great to know that NX is doing well as a three-and-a-half year old eagle.

NX is currently about 14 miles northwest of her last check-in; she's currently on the Upper Machodoc Creek in King George County. This spot is across the river from Dahlgren, the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center. NX visited this area in the fall of 2012 and in January 2013.

October 19: Bald Eagle NX checked in on Sunday; her current location is at Stratford Hall, the birthplace of Robert E. Lee. This historic landmark is in Westmoreland County, and is about 10 miles northeast of NX's 2012 release location.

October 21: NX checked in again this week; after hanging out around Stratford Hall, she flew south to Montross. At today's check-in, she appears to be near the Westmoreland County landfill, at the intersection of Davis Branch and Nanny Sanford Swamp. These creeks and streams are noted spots for fishing and kayaking.

October 28: Bald Eagle NX checked in on October 26 and 28. She's flown northwest from Westmoreland County, and is back at an old familiar hang-out: Rosier Creek.

October 31: Happy Halloween from NX! During the past three days, NX moved west. She's now less than three miles northeast of King George.

November 2014

November 21: NX checked in today from King George County, near Chestnut Hill. This location is just about two-and-a-half miles from her check-in spot three weeks ago.

December 2014

December 15: After nearly a month of silence, Bald Eagle NX checked in again! The coverage of her travels during the past few weeks is a bit spotty, this may be due to the life of the transmitter battery. NX has been exploring the Northern Neck area and has flown through Westmoreland, Richmond, Essex, and King George Counties. At today's check-in, she's in King George County, a little more than a mile south of Weedonville.

December 28: Bald Eagle NX checked in yet again -- maybe her batteries will make it to 2015! So where did NX spend the holidays? King George County, Virginia. At her latest check-in, she was just 0.32 miles south of Mason Millpond.


Recent updates: see where she is now!

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