Where was She? 2019 Tracking Archives for MN18

January 2019

January 1, 2019: MN18 spent the past few days exploring the King George landfill and Birchwood Power Plant in King George County. The eagle rang in the New Year by Birchwood Run, a small stream north of the Rappahannock River. 

January 9: MN18 spent most of the last week traveling around King George County, though took two trips to the Maryland Peninsula and back. Earlier today, the eagle starting flying south through Caroline County; she's covered about 18 miles prior to this afternoon's check-in.

January 16: MN18 headed back toward the Potomac River this past week, and spent most of the week in King George County. On January 10, the eagle was on the Potomac Creek and the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve; within a day, Bald Eagle W20 crossed paths right in the same area!

Currently, the eagle is near a very small lake south of Fairview Beach.

January 23: Bald Eagle MN18 made a couple of trips across the Potomac River this past week; she left Virginia and flew to Maryland on January 17, and returned the next day. After exploring the coastline for a few days, she made another trip to Maryland on January 21, then returned this afternoon before checking in. 

January 30:  January 25 must've been a good day for travel; Bald Eagle MN18 left the Virginia side of the Potomac River, flew to Maryland, then cross the river again back to Virginia. The eagle kept flying until she reached the King George landfill -- a total trip of about 18 miles. The eagle hung around the landfill for a few days until she flew a little farther south toward the Rappahannock River. 

February 2019

February 6: MN18 has been hanging around the King George landfill during the past week; the bird made a couple of trips to the Rappahannock River but returned to the general area surrounding the landfill. 

February 11: Bald Eagle MN18 hung around the King George landfill at the end of last week before she decided to fly north to Potomac Creek, then east over Fairview Beach on February 9. The trip was about 15 miles; she spent the night near Ambar, Virginia, then flew over the Potomac River to Maryland the next day.

February 19: MN18 hung out on the banks of the Potomac River in Maryland for most of last week before coming back to Virginia on February 15. The next day, she flew south through King George County and made a stop at the landfill, where she stayed for three days. Today, she left the landfill in King George and flew over the Rappahannock River that makes up the border between King George and Caroline Counties. At her check-in this afternoon, she was at a different bend in the river near Goat Island. 

February 27: MN18 has moved around in the past week, though continues to frequent some prior hang-out spots in Virginia and Maryland. The eagle explore Caroline County for a few days last week before heading north again on February 24. The bird flew over the Potomac River to Maryland on February 25, then flew back to Virginia two days later. The eagle is currently at the King George landfill.

March 2019

March 11:  MN18 stayed mostly within King George County in the past week, occasionally drifting into surrounding counties while flying. The eagle left the landfill on March 6 and took a quick two-day trip of about 30 miles, before returning to the King George landfill. 

March 20: MN18 spent another week in King George County, and managed to not visit the landfill! The bird visited the banks of the Potomac River a few times, and as of today, was just west of Fairview Beach. 

March 28: During the past week, MN18 stayed in King George and Caroline counties; the bird made a 44-mile round-trip before she ended up at the King George County landfill once again.

April 2019

April 3: After last week's check-in, Bald Eagle MN18 spent a couple more days at the landfill, before she left the area on March 30 and flew north. In the days following, she visited the Potomac Creek and the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve -- which is also where Bald Eagle W20 is currently hanging out!

April 9: During the past week, MN18 stayed put and explored the Potomac and Accokeek Creeks at the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve. Her exploration continued to overlap with Bald Eagle W20, until that eagle left the area on April 7. 

April 16: MN18 spent another week at Potomac and Accokeek Creeks; at today's check-in, she was about two miles south of the Potomac Creek, just north of the town of Passapatanzy. 

April 24: Bald Eagle MN18 has had a very active week! The young eagle [now two-years-old] left the Potomac Creek late last week, briefly visited the landfill in King George County, then moved to the banks of the Potomac River. The eagle made several trips over the river to Maryland and back, and as of today's check-in, is in Maryland. 

May 2019

May 2: MN18 made several trips between Maryland and Virginia this week, hanging out on the banks of the Potomac River. The eagle is slightly east of Fairview Beach.

May 8: Bald Eagle MN18 spent another week flying back and forth between the Maryland peninsula and the Northern Neck of Virginia. The eagle crossed the Potomac River three times, and flew east to the Nanjemoy Creek, which flows into the Potomac River. As of today's check-in, the bird was at Benny Gray Point, Maryland. 

May 16:  MN18 remained in Maryland for most of this past week, exploring the mouth of the Nanjemoy Creek, where it meets the Potomac River. On May 14, the eagle flew back to Virginia; the following day, she took a quick out-and-back trip across the river to Maryland again. At today's check-in, the eagle was at a small inlet of the Potomac River at Caledon State Park.

May 22:  MN18 spent a few more days on the coast, then flew inland in King George County. She's spent several days at the King George County landfill, which is where she checked in today. 

May 29: Bald Eagle MN18 is on the move! The young eagle spent the end of last week in King George County, but on May 28, started flying north. The bird flew about 60 miles to Bowie, Maryland, before stopping for the night. Today, she kept flying north and at this afternoon's check-in time, was still on the move and just north of Stewart, Pennsylvania.  Last summer, the young eagle left the state on June 12 and took about two weeks to fly to Quebec, Canada, where she spent the entire summer.

June 2019

June 2: Bald Eagle MN18 has been continuing to move north; during the past four days, the eagle covered most of Pennsylvania, a trip of about 160 miles. The eagle most recently checked in from Herrick Township, near Elk Mountain Ski Resort. 

June 12: MN18 is back in Quebec, Canada! On June 3, the eagle flew into New York; it looks like we're missing a couple of days worth of data after that, but on June 7, the eagle crossed into Canada. Currently, the eagle is on a lake (Lac Faillon) near Senneterre. This spot is about 153 miles southwest of the lake and wildlife preserve where the young bird summered last year. 

June 27: MN18 hasn't checked in for 12 days; it's likely that the cell coverage is spotty in the areas of Quebec that she is exploring. Last summer, we had a few large gaps in between check-ins. June 14 is the most recent data we have on this bird; she was just south of Senneterre. 

July 2019​

July 4: After a three-week hiatus in communication, MN18 checked in for Independence Day! It appears as though MN18's transmitter battery is charged, and the eagle dropped back into cell phone range to give her her latest data points. It looks like on June 15, the eagle flew about 100 miles east in Quebec, near Oskélanéo. The eagle spent a couple of weeks visiting small lakes in the area, then flew west again on July 2. The eagle is now on  Lac Gueguen, and is about 236 miles northwest of her nestmate, Bald Eagle MN72, who also returned to Canada this summer!

July 9: During the past five days, MN18 moved about 75 miles northwest in Quebec; as of today, the eagle is hanging out at Lac Obalski, which is near the town of Amos.

July 16: MN18 has been continuing to explore Quebec, and moved a little southeast this past week. Today, the eagle checked in from Lac Gueguen near Kodjidîk, Quebec. While high heat advisories are being issued here in Virginia this week, temperatures in this part of Canada are in the 70's during the day, and upper 40's at night!

August 15: After a month of silence from MN18, she checked in! It's very likely that cell service is spotty in northern Quebec where MN18 is spending her summer, so it's not all that surprising that check-ins are sporadic. From the tracking data, it looks like the young eagle left her spot at Lac Gueguen on July 22 and flew about 100 miles east in a single day! She spent the next week near the community of Oskélanéo before leaving the area to explore more of Quebec. At today's check-in, the eagle is on Lac Barrière, which is in La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the largest reserves in Canada. 

August 21: On August 16, MN18 flew about 90 miles back to Lac De Montigny, a large lake outside the city of Val-d'Or in Quebec. This week marks the two year anniversary of the release of MN18 and MN72 [who is also summering in Quebec]! 

August 24: MN18 spent a few more days hanging out at Lac De Montigny. As of August 28, the bird hasn't checked in for the past four days, suggesting that perhaps the eagle flew off to an area with spotty cell reception. Where will MN18 turn up next? We'll see!

September 9: Bald Eagle MN18 continues to hang out in the same area of Quebec so far this month. On August 25, the eagle left Val-d'Or area and flew about 96 miles northeast; the eagle stopped at Lac Wiashgamic for several days. On September 4, the eagle started flying southwest again and flew about 40 miles. As of today's check-in, the bird is once again outside of Val-d'Or. 

September 17: MN18 spent another week in Quebec; the eagle is currently about six miles northeast of Val-d'Or. The weather there appears to still be fairly summer-like, the temperatures during the day are in the 60's or 70's. Last year, MN18 made her way back to Virginia in October. 

Where is she now?