Where was She? 2018 Tracking Archives for MN18

January 2018

January 1, 2018: MN18 spent the holiday season in her favorite place: the King George County landfill and nearby power plant. The young eagle woke up on New Year's Day right beside the Rappahannock River. 

January 9:  Bald Eagle MN18 has remained in King George County for the past week, right around the landfill and Rappahannock River -- though on January 5, the young bird took a trip to the Potomac River. After staying the night, the eagle flew back to her favorite spot on January 6. 

January 17: MN18 continues to remain in her favorite Virginia spot -- near the landfill and river in King George County!

January 24: After a few more days of hanging out near the landfill, MN18 started to slowly make her way south into Caroline County on January 19. The eagle took her time flying about 27 miles before turning east into Essex and Westmoreland County. At today's check-in, the young bird was on the Rappahannock River. 

February 2018

February 1: Within the past week, MN18 continues to make her way east through Westmoreland County. The young eagle flew roughly 23 miles on January 26. For the past few days, the bird has been exploring the creeks and lakes near Machodoc and Hague. This morning, the eagle checked in at Beales Millpond.

February 7: MN18 stayed in the Northern Neck of Virginia this past week, exploring a nine-mile stretch in Westmoreland County. The eagle visited Nomini Creek and, today checked in at Lower Machodoc Creek. 

February 13: MN18 left the state on the morning of February 8 -- she flew across the Potomac River, into St. Mary's County, Maryland. During the rest of the day and the day following, she worked her way up river. At today's check-in, she was just south of Newport, along the Wicomico River. 

February 21:  MN18 is currently in Maryland, but has been traveling during the past week! The young eagle continued to explore St. Mary's County last week, but on February 18, flew across the Potomac River back to Virginia. The eagle kept flying through King George County, stopping for the day after flying about 21 miles. On February 20, the young eagle flew across the Potomac again to Nanjemoy, Maryland. 

March 2018

March 6: MN18 remained in Maryland for the past 12 days, working her way down the banks of the Potomac River. Today, she crossed the Potomac back to Virginia. After a brief stop at the Widewater area, she continued west to the Stafford County landfill. 

March 14: Bald Eagle MN18 has been on the move this past week! The second-year eagle crossed over the Potomac several times, moving between Virginia and the Maryland peninsula. Today, the eagle checked in from Virginia, within three miles of Bald Eagle W20, another eagle that the Center is tracking! 

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