Where was She? 2018 Tracking Archives for MN18

January 2018

January 1, 2018: MN18 spent the holiday season in her favorite place: the King George County landfill and nearby power plant. The young eagle woke up on New Year's Day right beside the Rappahannock River. 

January 9:  Bald Eagle MN18 has remained in King George County for the past week, right around the landfill and Rappahannock River -- though on January 5, the young bird took a trip to the Potomac River. After staying the night, the eagle flew back to her favorite spot on January 6. 

January 17: MN18 continues to remain in her favorite Virginia spot -- near the landfill and river in King George County!

January 24: After a few more days of hanging out near the landfill, MN18 started to slowly make her way south into Caroline County on January 19. The eagle took her time flying about 27 miles before turning east into Essex and Westmoreland County. At today's check-in, the young bird was on the Rappahannock River. 

February 2018

February 1: Within the past week, MN18 continues to make her way east through Westmoreland County. The young eagle flew roughly 23 miles on January 26. For the past few days, the bird has been exploring the creeks and lakes near Machodoc and Hague. This morning, the eagle checked in at Beales Millpond.

February 7: MN18 stayed in the Northern Neck of Virginia this past week, exploring a nine-mile stretch in Westmoreland County. The eagle visited Nomini Creek and, today checked in at Lower Machodoc Creek. 

February 13: MN18 left the state on the morning of February 8 -- she flew across the Potomac River, into St. Mary's County, Maryland. During the rest of the day and the day following, she worked her way up river. At today's check-in, she was just south of Newport, along the Wicomico River. 

February 21:  MN18 is currently in Maryland, but has been traveling during the past week! The young eagle continued to explore St. Mary's County last week, but on February 18, flew across the Potomac River back to Virginia. The eagle kept flying through King George County, stopping for the day after flying about 21 miles. On February 20, the young eagle flew across the Potomac again to Nanjemoy, Maryland. 

March 2018

March 6: MN18 remained in Maryland for the past 12 days, working her way down the banks of the Potomac River. Today, she crossed the Potomac back to Virginia. After a brief stop at the Widewater area, she continued west to the Stafford County landfill. 

March 14: Bald Eagle MN18 has been on the move this past week! The second-year eagle crossed over the Potomac several times, moving between Virginia and the Maryland peninsula. Today, the eagle checked in from Virginia, within three miles of Bald Eagle W20, another eagle that the Center is tracking! 

March 21: Bald Eagle MN18 remained along a six-mile stretch of the Potomac River this past week, making a few flights back and forth between Virginia and Maryland. The eagle checked in today on the Maryland side of the Potomac. 

March 28: MN18 continues to hang out along the same stretch of the Potomac River where she's been checking in during the past two weeks. She's made many trips back and forth between Virginia and Maryland!

April 2018

April 4: Bald Eagle MN18 took a trip inland this past week; on March 31 she flew about 24 miles south into Caroline County. After hanging around Hickory Fork for a few days, she flew north again to the banks of the Potomac River in King George County, covering most of the 24-mile trip today. 

April 11: MN18 stuck around the Potomac River this past week, crossing between Virginia and Maryland several times.  

April 18: MN18 continues to be quite active between King George County and Maryland; once again, the eagle spent the week making many trips back and forth across the Potomac River.

April 30: MN18 spent the rest of this month traveling between Virginia and Maryland, spending most of the past 12 days in King George County, Virginia. 

May 8: During the past week, MN18 stayed on the Virginia side of the Potomac, staying within King George County. 

May 16: MN18 continues to hang out in the same stretch of Virginia and Maryland. At this week's check-in, she was on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.

May 23: Another week hanging out along the Potomac! MN18 made the return trip to Virginia and spent the week hanging out on Jones Pond at Caledon State Park. This TripAdvisor link has several photos of the Jones Pond area so you can see where this young eagle has been spending time!

May 29:  Another week on the Potomac! MN18 checked in today from Maryland. 

June 2018

June 11: MN18 spent the past 12 days hanging around her favorite spots in Virginia and Maryland. After a few trips across the Potomac River, MN18 continued flying north over the Maryland peninsula, making most of her 15-mile trip on June 1. As of today's check-in, she was back on the Virginia side of the river. 

June 14: After months of hanging out on the Potomac River in Virginia and Maryland, MN18 suddenly left the area! On June 12, the young bird flew about 150 miles north to Pennsylvania. The eagle stopped just south of Carlisle, within a mile of the Appalachian Trail. The following day, the eagle continued north for about 34 more miles. At today's check-in, the bird was on a small island in the middle of the Susquehanna River.

June 18: MN18 continued on her northern travel route this past weekend. On June 16, she flew about 89 miles north in Pennsylvania, stopping for the night just south of Towanda in Bradford County. The next day, she flew another 89 miles north into New York, before stopping near Auburn in Cayuga County. Today, before her afternoon check-in, the young eagle flew about 13 more miles. She's currently on the South Bay of Cross Lake; the Seneca River flows west to east through the south end of the lake.

June 21: MN18 appears to be slowly working her way north in New York. On June 19, she flew about 50 miles north, skirting Lake Ontario, and stayed the night (and following day) near Adams in Jefferson County. Today, prior to checking in, she flew another 22 miles north by Watertown and Fort Drum. Currently, she's flying over the Indian River. 

June 24: MN18 is in Canada! On June 22, the eagle continued her journey north, crossing over into Ontario. The eagle kept flying north, crossing over the Ottowa River into Quebec, for a one-day journey of about 100 miles. The eagle only flew about 12 miles the following day [about 18 km] and checked in on June 24 from the regional county municipality of La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. 

July 2018

July 12: After nearly three weeks of silence, MN18 checked in again! The young eagle has been slowly working her way north in Quebec and has covered about 290 miles -- 462 kilometers -- since her last check-in. She's currently in the county of Le Domaine-du-Roy, at a lake in the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve.  MN18 is currently about 200 miles north of MN72, who also has recently traveled to Quebec!

July 24: MN18 must've hit a good cell signal area; she checked in today after 12 days of silence! The young bird is still hanging out on a lake at the  Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve and has been exploring a seven-mile stretch of the lake. There are dozens of small lakes in this area of Quebec. 

July 26:  The "data dumps" from MN18 have been sporadic, likely due to the cell signal and battery power of the young eagle's GPS transmitter. As of July 26, the bird was still hanging out at the large lake at the wildlife reserve in Quebec. It looks like an amazing area!

August 2018

August 3:  MN18 checked in again on August 7, but only with data through August 3 -- she's still exploring the large lake at the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve.  She's cover a stretch of the lake that's about eight miles long. 

August 14:  This week marks one month since MN18 arrived at the lake at the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve in Quebec. She continues to explore the lake each day, and her tracking suggests that she prefers roosting on the eastern side of the lake. At today's check-in, she was on a very tiny island near the eastern side of the lake.

August 21:  Bald Eagle MN18 spent another week at the lake at the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve, sticking to the northeastern side of the lake. 

August 25: MN18 spent a few more days at the lake in Quebec, once again just sticking to the northeastern side of the lake. 

September 2018

September 4: MN18 is still in Quebec! During the past 10 days, she's remained mostly on the east side of the lake, though flew across it on September 3 to spend the night. The following morning, she flew back to the east side. 

September 11: Bald Eagle MN18 is still at the  Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve in Quebec; the second-year eagle has been in this area for about two months. The weather has generally been fairly sunny and in the low 70s recently, which makes it seem like an ideal place to be right now. 

September 20: MN18 is still in Quebec; she's spent another week exploring the lake at the wildlife reserve. 

September 25: MN18 spent another week in Quebec; she made a short seven-mile trip north to another small lake (Lac Desgly) on September 22 and returned back to "her" lake at the wildlife reserve later that same day. 

October 2018

October 7: MN18 is on the move! After spending her summer at a lake in the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve in Quebec, MN18 started her journey south on October 1. The weather in that area of Quebec has gotten cooler, with daytime highs in the 40-50 degree range. On October 1, the young eagle flew about 70 miles south, then spent two days traveling shorter distances (roughly 20 miles each), as she explored rivers and smaller lakes in Quebec. October 4 was another big travel day; the eagle flew about 113 miles and spent the night at a small lake near Mont-Tremblant National Park. The following day, MN18 flew to more populated areas in southern Quebec, visiting the towns of La Batture-d'Argent and Brébeuf near the Rouge River. 

October 15: MN18 is back in the United States! During the past week, the eagle continued to work her way south, traveling a total of about 90 miles. She rested for a few days on the Ottawa River before continuing south through Ontario. The eagle crossed over the St. Lawrence River and into New York on October 14. 

October 21: MN18 remained in upstate New York this past week, only traveling about 30 miles. The eagle is in St. Lawrence County and as of today's check-in, is about six miles east of the county seat of Canton.

October 30: During the past week, MN18 has been slowly making her way south in New York, flying about 133 miles. At today's check-in, she was just west of the town of Sherburne. 

November 2018

November 6: MN18 is now in Pennsylvania! Since last week, the young eagle flew roughly 65 miles, most of which was flown on November 3 and 4. MN18 crossed into Pennsylvania in Susquehanna County, near the town of Choconut. 

November 13: During the past week, MN18 flew about 32 more miles in Pennsylvania, although most of the mileage was covered on November 11. The eagle is now in Bradford Count, near the small town of Wilmot. 

November 28: During the past two weeks, MN18 has flown south about 175 miles; she flew nearly 100 miles through Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving Day! Today, she's right at the Virginia border and appears to be exploring the Potomac River near Point of Rocks, Maryland. She's currently only about 50 miles from Mason Neck State Park, which is where she was released last summer; it's also very close to the location where fellow Bald Eagle MN72 has returned!

December 2018

December 5: Following last week's check-in, MN18 flew south into Virginia on November 29 -- through Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, and Stafford Counties. She then flew over the Potomac River back to Maryland. Two days later, MN18 came back to Virginia and flew through King George County. Currently, the eagle is in Caroline County, near the town of Naulakla. The eagle is about 20 miles northwest of her nest!

December 12: MN18 stayed in Caroline County for the remainder of last week, but started exploring more on December 10. That day, she kicked off a 30-mile trip as she flew to the Rappahannock River, then back inland before heading east into Essex County, where she once again flew to the banks of the Rappahannock River. The next morning, she crossed the Rappahannock River into Westmoreland County. As of today's check-in, she was on the banks of the Potomac River.

December 20: MN18 flew away from the Potomac River this past week, heading inland through Essex, Caroline, and then King George Counties. The eagle cross the Rappahannock River several times and is currently right by the river near Olney Corner.

December 28: MN18  spent the Christmas holiday in King George County by the Potomac River, before moving inland the following day. The young bird remained within a seven-mile stretch of the county within the past week, though has been quite active, flying to and from the coast. 

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