Where was He: MN72 Archives 2020


January 9: MN72 has spent that past month flying throughout the Indian Head, Maryland area, and seems to be making regular trips across the roughly one mile-wide Potomac River. Apart from Indian Head, MN72 spent the most amount of time flying through King George County, Virginia. 

January 17: It’s been another week of patrolling the tidal creeks and rivers near Indian Head, MD for Bald Eagle MN72. He’s continued to fly in a roughly circular direction throughout the six mile-wide area, making plenty of stops over agricultural and rural areas. His most recent position appears to be on the edge of a small pond near a private residence.

January 28: In addition to flying his usual routes near Indian Head, MN72 visited Mason Neck State Park during the past week – the site of his release in August 2017! He didn’t remain in the area long, though; he crossed the Potomac and returned to Maryland within the same day.

 February 13: MN72 spent most of his time during the past week moving throughout the Indian Head area. The dense concentration of movement seen near Marsh Island and Hog Island in the Potomac River might suggest the area is particularly rich in resources or safe perching locations.

 February 21: MN72’s tracking unit has shown some interesting data during the past week! Early on, he circumnavigated the Indian Head, Maryland area as usual. Soon after, he began a one-way flight path to the west. Crossing the Potomac River and entering Virginia, he continued on for 15 miles and made a quick stop at Lunga Reservoir. Then, he flew about 30 miles south to his most recently known location near the center of Spotsylvania County.

 March 5: It’s been another period of interesting tracking data from MN72, and he can be seen flying throughout some areas previously unvisited. From central Virginia, he flew almost 90 miles northeast to the Woodbridge area along the Potomac River. The straight line that can be seen paralleling his path could possibly represent a gap in data transmission, but most recently, he appears to have been spending time at a solid waste disposal station in Nelson County.

 March 24: MN72 has covered quite a few miles since his previous update. From Nelson County, he flew about 100 miles back towards the Woodbridge area; soon after, he made the round trip once more. Most recently, he's been tracked in the Indian Head, Maryland area where he's known to spend time regularly. 

 May 26: MN72 has been checking in regularly throughout the past month, and was most-recently spotted near the Indian head, Maryland area as expected. He flew a considerable distance into Virginia on several occasions, spending time near several well-developed areas before crossing the Potomac River and settling near Indian Head again,