Where was He: MN72 Archives 2018


January 10: Bald Eagle MN72 spent most of the past week in what appear to be suburban areas near White Plains, Maryland before flying nearly 20 miles south to Newburg. He crossed the three mile-wide Potomac River a single time – briefly touching down in Virginia  -- before returning to the Maryland side of the river and his most recently-known location.



January 18: MN72 seems to have found an area with suitable resources in a protected cove near Morgantown, Maryland. This small tidal creek on the Potomac River is less than a mile away from what appears to be an electrical power plant. Colonial Beach, a popular tourist destination on the Virginia-side of the river, lies about six miles to the south.

January 25: Earlier this week, MN72 left the bank of the Potomac River and flew directly across the four mile-wide peninsula, eventually reaching the Wicomico River. After following a number of tidal creeks inland, it appears MN72 has entered the Zekiah Swamp Natural Environment Area – a 21-mile stretch of freshwater streams and small islands managed in part by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

February 8: MN72 has been very active during the past week and is continuing to explore new areas. After leaving the Zekiah Swamp Natural Environment Area and crossing the Potomac, he flew about 15 miles east to his last known location near Fairview Beach, Virginia.

February 16: MN72 is back on the Virginia side of the Potomac this week, and continues to spend most of his time near small inlets and wetland creeks. His most-recently known location appears to be within the borders of Widewater State Park.

March 1: MN72 has crossed the Potomac River a total of 3 times during the past few weeks, and can be seen stopping in at a variety of both urban and undeveloped areas. His most-recently known location is just north of Mallows Bay, Maryland. 

March 12: Bald Eagle MN72 has shown quite a bit of movement throughout the past few weeks. Starting near Mallows Bay, Maryland, he flew along the eastern shoreline of the Potomac River until reaching the town of Indian Head. After crossing the Potomac River, he spent a few days within Mason Neck State Park, Virginia – the site of his release in May of 2017 – before heading south. In total, MN72 flew a total of roughly 70 miles!