Where was He: KG09 Archives 2020


January 8: KG09 brought in the New Year by spending time near the Owl Trap landfill and the surrounding rural areas. Although he doesn’t seem to travel far from this familiar spot, his GPS tracking unit shows that he’s flying regular patrols around the area each day.

January 17: KG09 has remained near the Owl Trap landfill during the past nine days, but he can be seen flying about four miles north mid-week toward Batt, VA. He turned and flew six miles south before returning to the landfill area once again.

January 28: In similar form to his previous update, KG09 stuck close to the Owl Trap landfill during the past week. He made one round trip flight to the northwest, traveling about 11 miles before turning south near the small community of Coldwater.

 February 13: A large amount of activity can be seen from KG09’s tracking unit during the past week, but as usual he’s stayed within a relatively small area. He flew back and forth over the Owl Trap landfill very frequently, typically traveling no more than two or three miles before circling back.

 February 21: As expected, KG09 spent the majority of the past week in and around the Owl Trap landfill. Most of his movements were within a relatively small area, but he can be seen flying almost four miles to the north and south at different points throughout the week. Recently warmer-than-average temperatures throughout Virginia haven’t seemed to impact his movements much, but with colder weather returning this week, we’ll keep an eye on KG09.