Where was He: KG09 Archives 2018


January 10: After a few weeks of inactivity from KG09’s GPS tracking unit, it appears the transmitter is functioning normally again. He spent the past few weeks in familiar territory, and can be seen at his last-known position near the town of Stevensville, Virginia.   

January 18: KG09 has been exploring an area a little further south in comparison to where he’s been seen during the past few weeks. After crossing the York River, KG09 now appears to be within the boundaries of York River State Park. This area is in close proximity to Interstate 64 and several urban areas, including the city of Williamsburg, Virginia.

January 25: After traversing the York River, KG09 is back in familiar territory. He flew roughly 19 miles from the center of Gloucester County to his most-recently known location at the Dragonville landfill.

February 8: Throughout the past week KG09 flew a surprisingly far distance in a nearly circular pattern – a total of about 75 miles. His most-recently known location appears to be at the Dragonville landfill.   

February 16: KG09 flew about 40 miles from Gloucester County to Essex County during the past week. His last known location appears to be directly over a small creek surrounded by rural forests.

March 1: Starting near the northern portion of the Rappahannock River, KG09 can be seen flying about 15 miles throughout Richmond County before heading south and crossing the river into Essex County. Another 15 miles south brought him to his most-recent location near King and Queen Courthouse. 

March 12: Remaining inland for most of the past week, KG09 flew about 25 miles northwest towards Tappahannock – the oldest town in Essex County, Virginia – before returning to his most-recently known location at the Dragonville landfill.

March 19: KG09 flew in a roughly circular pattern during the past week, traveling about 50 miles in total. Starting at the Dragonville landfill, he can be seen following the Rappahannock River for about 20 miles before turning back and making a meandering return to his familiar grounds.  

March 27: Following his usual flight patterns during the past week, KG09 remained inland and flew about 70 miles in total before returning to the Dragonville landfill.

April 12: KG09 continues to patrol the 15 mile-wide peninsula he’s been frequenting during past updates, and briefly crossed over into Westmoreland County earlier in the week. His last-known location appears to be overhead a familiar location, the Dragonville landfill situated southeast of King and Queen Courthouse.

May 7: KG09 spent much of the past few weeks near King and Queen Courthouse  at the Dragonville landfill. He flew about 20 miles northwest to an undeveloped area near Tappahannock before returning to his most-recently known location.

May 16: Heavy rain storms throughout Virginia during the past week haven’t seemed to affect KG09’s routine patrols of King and Queen County. Without much surprise, his characteristically circular flight path began near King and Queen Courthouse and ended at the Dragonville landfill. In total, he flew approximately 50 miles.

June 11: During the past few weeks, KG09 has been exploring new areas to the northeast of his usual range. After flying roughly 20 miles from Essex County to King George County, KG09 has been spending a considerable amount of time near the town of Sealston, VA, at the King George landfill. Coincidentally, KG09’s most recently-known location is approximately 10 miles west of another eagle the Center is currently tracking, Bald Eagle MN72.

June 20: KG09 hasn’t traveled far during the past eight days; he spent time in and around the King George landfill, making several trips south into Caroline County and back. In total, he remained in an area roughly five miles in diameter.

July 6: KG09 spent much of the past week in and around the King George landfill, venturing about eight miles to the east and south on separate days before turning back. His most-recently known location appears to be in close proximity to a power facility.

July 13: Bald Eagle KG09 continues to frequent the King George landfill, but can be seen making short flights to the southeast during the past week. Following the approximate direction of the Rappahannock River for about seven miles, he flew over what appears to be a largely undeveloped and forested area before reaching his most-recently known position near the community of Sealston.

July 19: Surprisingly, KG09 spent relatively little time at the King George landfill during the past week. He flew about four miles towards the Potomac River, and can be seen making several passes of the shoreline near Fairview Beach before returning to his most recently known location.

July 27: From the Wellford, VA area, KG09 flew about 40 miles to the northwest while following the general curvature of the Rappahannock River. After reaching the familiar King George landfill, he spend the remainder of the past week in an area roughly two miles in diameter.

August 3: During the past week, KG09 hasn’t flown far from the familiar King George landfill.  He spent a few days exploring the Fairview Beach area, which lies about three miles to the west of his 2015 release site at Caledon State Park.

August 15: KG09 remained close to home throughout the past week and a half. He spent most of his time near the town of Sealston and the King George landfill, venturing about five or six miles out before returning to the suburban area. His most-recently known location appears to be along the Rappahannock River near an agricultural field.

August 24: KG09 has continued flying in a southeastern direction during the past week, traveling about 25 miles throughout Essex County, Virginia.

September 5: Starting at the Dragonville landfill near King and Queen Courthouse, KG09 flew about 70 miles during the past week and a half. His most-recently known location appears to be in an industrial area roughly 10 miles east of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

September 14: KG09 returned to the Dragonville landfill during the past week, traveling about 50 miles from the Fredericksburg area. It’s unknown if the possibly severe weather conditions brought on by Hurricane Florence will affect KG09’s GPS transmitter, but so far eagle doesn’t seem to have altered his normal flight patterns.  

September 21: KG09’s flight patterns and GPS transmitter don’t seem to have been affected by heavy rain in the area during the past week, and he can be seen traveling throughout his usual areas. From the Dragonville landfill, he flew about 30 miles in a counter clockwise direction, and was most-recently located near the community of Little Plymouth.

October 12: After a few weeks of technical difficulties analyzing the data from KG09’s GPS transmitter, he’s back on the map. From King and Queen Courthouse, he can be seen flying about 25 miles north toward his most-recently known location on the Rappahannock River.

October 25: KG09 can be seen making his regular patrols throughout the past few weeks, and has traveled an average of six to seven miles per day. Remaining in King and Queen and Gloucester Counties, his most-recent position appears to be in a rural area.

November 7: Bald Eagle KG09 can be seen flying throughout his usual territory during the past week and a half, and appears to have spent most of his time near rural and agricultural areas. In total, he flew more than 50 miles through Essex and Richmond Counties.

November 27: There haven’t been many surprises from KG09 during the past few weeks – he flew a little more than 60 miles in a roughly circular pattern, and appears to be headed toward the small community of Caret, Virginia.

December 4: Starting near the Caret, VA, area, KG09 can be seen briefly crossing the one-mile wide Rappahannock River earlier this week. After back-tracking a little further inland, he flew about nine miles south to his current location near the town of Dunbrooke.

December 11: No surprises from Bald Eagle KG09 during the past week; he flew about 12 miles from a rural agricultural field in Essex County to the south, circled the Stevensville area over the course of several days, headed north, and can be seen most recently near what appears to be an undeveloped forested area.

December 18: KG09 remained in a relatively small range of about four miles in diameter during the past week, and hasn’t strayed too far from the community of Dunbrooke, VA. The area appears to be a patchwork of agricultural fields, forested land, and small creeks

December 28: Beginning in Essex County, Bald Eagle KG09 flew in what's become his typical pattern of movement during the past ten days. In total, he moved about 60 miles in a roughly circular direction and was last seen near the Dragonville landfill.