W20 Tracking Archives 2018

January 2018

January 9:  The transmitter data for Bald Eagle W20 is still a little sporadic; we're missing a couple of days' worth of information and the battery level on the bird's GPS transmitter is still fairly low. Tracking shows that on New Year's Day, W20 left Widewater and flew about 24 miles to Mason Neck State Park. Sometime in the next two days, the eagle flew to Leesylvania State Park. On January 3, the eagle made a quick trip across the Potomac River to Maryland and then flew back; since then, the eagle has remained at Leesylvania State Park.

January 18: W20 is back "home" at Widewater! On January 13, she flew about 15 miles from Leesylvania State Park to Maryland. After spending a couple of days there, she flew across the Potomac again and visited the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve before flying back to her home base at Widewater.

January 24: Bald Eagle W20 stayed close to home this week, exploring the seven-mile stretch of the Potomac between Widewater and the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve. 

January 31:  W20 checked in from the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve again, but made a circuitous journey within the past week! On January 26, the eagle started to make her way north through Stafford County, following I-95 part of the way. As she neared Southbridge, Virginia, she turned east and flew across the Potomac River into Maryland.  A couple of days of tracking data is missing from this latest data dump, but we know that the eagle was still in Maryland on January 30. On the morning of January 31, the bird flew west again across the Potomac to Virginia. 

February 2018

February 6: Bald Eagle W20 left the Crow's Nest Natural Area on February 5 and flew east to Fairview Beach in King George County. This eagle is only about 36 miles upriver from eagle MN18!

February 15: Bald Eagle W20 checked in today from Maryland! It looks like the eagle made most of the trip on February 8, when she crossed the Potomac and kept heading north through Maryland. The eagle is currently near Smallwood State Park on the Mattawoman Creek. 

February 21: W20 is still in Maryland, though made a quick trip to Virginia in the past week. On February 17, the eagle started moving south from the Mattawoman Creek. On February 20, the bird made a quick trip across the Potomac to Virginia, then flew back to Maryland. Today, the eagle checked in along the Potomac River just south of Purse State Park.

March 2018

March 6: On February 22, W20 flew back to Virginia -- and then spent the next 12 days covering quite a bit of ground in King George and Stafford Counties. For the past couple of days, the eagle has been back in her home territory of Widewater, Virginia.

March 14: After her check-in last week, Bald Eagle W20 flew back to Maryland for a few days where she hung out at the Mattawoman Creek again. On March 13, she flew back to Virginia and spent several days in Stafford, before flying to King George County again. At today's check-in, she was within three miles of Bald Eagle MN18, near Fairview Beach. 

March 21: During the past week, W20 flew between some familiar locations in Virginia and Maryland. As of today's check-in, she's back on the Mattawoman Creek again. 

March 28: Shortly after her last check-in, W20 flew south down the Maryland peninsula, over the Potomac River, and came back to Virginia. On March 23, she started flying west and then north again -- back to her favorite Virginia spot at Widewater. 

April 2018

April 4: Soon after last week's check-in, Bald Eagle W20 left Virginia, just south of Quantico, and flew across the Potomac to Maryland again. W20 made most of the trip on March 29, and since then, has been hanging out near the Mattawoman Creek. 

April 11: W20 has been on the move during the past week, visiting her favorite spots in both Virginia and Maryland. On April 5, W20 flew south from the Mattawoman Creek, down the Maryland peninsula, and over the Potomac River. After spending several days near Widewater and the Potomac Creek, she crossed the Potomac River again on April 10 and returned to the Mattawoman Creek.

April 18: Bald Eagle W20 stayed in Maryland this week on the Mattawoman Creek, visiting a few spots along the creek as well as Thoroughfare Island. W20 checked in within a 100 feet of last week's check-in spot on Bullitt Neck. 

April 30: W20 left her favorite Maryland spot on the Mattawoman Creek on April 29, and flew about 25 miles south through Maryland, across the Potomac River, and back to Virginia.  She checked in today from King George County. 

May 2018

May 8: It looks like we're missing a little data from this week's tracking download, but it appears as though W20 stayed in Virginia during the past week. She flew from the Widewater area south to the Potomac Creek.

May 17: W20 has been hanging out in familiar territory again this past week -- her home territory of Widewater and Potomac Creek. 

May 23:  Bald Eagle W20 spent another week in the Widewater area in Stafford County. 

May 27: W20 made her way north during the past few days, flying along the Potomac for about three miles before moving inland at Quantico Creek and continuing north around Quantico. The eagle is currently at Leesylvania State Park. 

June 2018

June 11: In early June, Bald Eagle W20 flew over the Potomac River to Maryland, and slowly made her way south. As of today's check-in, she was hanging out at Blue Bay, between Douglas and Liverpool Points. 

June 20:  On June 12, W20 flew north again over the Maryland peninsula and across the Potomac River. A couple days later, she made her way south along the coast, past Widewater to the Potomac Creek.

June 26: During the past week, W20 slowly made her way north again. She took a few days to slowly fly to the Widewater Beach area, then flew 10 miles from Widewater Beach to Quantico today prior to her check-in.

July 4:  W20 spent her Independence Day near Quantico, where she's been hanging out during the past week. She made one quick trip across the Potomac to Maryland, but returned to Virginia and spent most of her time on Quantico Creek.

July 11: W20 continues to hang out on the Potomac River; on July 6, she flew from the Virginia side to Maryland. 

July 16: Bald Eagle W20's transmitter battery is low; the bird checked in today but only with data through Monday, July 16. It appears as though the bird is on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, across from Quantico. 

July 24: Bald Eagle W20 has remained on the Maryland bank of the Potomac River during the past week, exploring a one-mile stretch of the river.

August 2018

August 1:  During the past week, W20 made her way down the Maryland Peninsula, a trip of about 11 miles. Currently, she's across the Potomac River from Widewater, her initial rescue and release location.

August 6: After her last check-in, W20 continued to work her way south along the Maryland Peninsula, then flew over the Potomac River on August 2, and continued flying east along the banks of the river in King George County, Virginia. On August 5, she turned around and doubled back along the river.

August 16: W20 checked in after a 10-day period of silence; her GPS transmitter battery has been fairly low, and it appears as though some data points are missing. It's been nearly three years since W20's release, so the transmitter may stop functioning soon. During the past week, W20 continued to explore the banks of the Potomac River in King George County. At today's check-in, she was at Mathias Point. 

August 22: W20 spent another week on the banks of the Potomac River in King George County. 

August 27: Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary of W20's release! Where did she spend her freedom anniversary? Appropriately enough, W20 was at Widewater, where she was initially rescued and later released. Last week, she left King George County on August 23 and made a 13-might flight west along the Potomac River.  

September 2018

September 5: In the past week,  W20 stayed in Stafford County; first she spent a few days around Widewater and Aquia Creek, then the eagle flew south a few miles to the Potomac Creek.

September 14: W20 had several days of silence this week; it appears as though the battery on her GPS unit has been fairly low. It's likely it hasn't had much of a chance to charge since the weather has been gray and rainy in Virginia lately. Today, however, the eagle checked in from King George County, along the Potomac River. It looks as though the eagle flew to Maryland on September 7, flew along the banks of the river, then stayed on the Maryland peninsula that night. The following morning, she flew along the coast in Maryland then crossed into Virginia again.

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