Untamed: Season 4

The fourth season of Untamed: Life is Wild aired in spring 2022 and explored a wide variety of conservation and environmental issues, including citizen science, land management, predators,  and watersheds. Each episode discussed how our actions impact wildlife and the landscape around us.

The online compendium for this season offers a library of materials that support each episode, including worksheets and activities for students who are watching Untamed as a part of classroom learning on biology, natural history, and the environment.

Episode 401: The Greater Impact of Wildlife Patients

Learn more about The Greater Impact of Wildlife Patients in our compendium! 


Episode 402: Predators

Learn more about the vital role of predators in our compendium!

Episode 403: Citizen Science 

Learn more about citizen science in our compendium!

Episode 404: Land Management

Learn more about Land Management in our compendium! 

Episode 405: Invasive Species

Learn more about invasive species in our compendium!

Episode 406: Watersheds

Learn more about watersheds in our compendium!

Episode 407: Pollinators

Learn more about pollinators in our compendium! 


Episode 408: Wild Winter Worlds

Learn more about Wild Winter Worlds in our compendium!