Transport and Rescue Volunteer Application

Volunteer transporters provide a vital service to both the Wildlife Center of Virginia and the community by facilitating the rescue of wild animals. We appreciate that our volunteer transporters share the use of their vehicles, cost of gasoline, and valuable time to assist wildlife. Volunteer transporters provide a life-saving service.

If you’d like to join this pool of volunteers, please fill out this form. After we receive your application, we will send you an email additional information. Unless you otherwise specify, we will add you to our active referral list immediately and you may be start receiving calls from the public for transport help right away, or you may not get any calls for six months or more.

Please review and abide by our transporter guidelines to be the best transporter you can be!

This is a series of three vaccinations given over the course of a month and is not a routine vaccination. It is not needed to be a transporter, but if you have had them it is helpful for us to know.

Capturing Wildlife

Sometimes rescuers need assistance with capturing and containing a wild animal in need.  For those who are interested in capturing injured animals: 

  • Know that we do not ask transporters to attempt risky captures of dangerous animals. Also, as a volunteer, you can always say “no” if you are uncomfortable with a situation.
  • If you are considering attempting a capture/rescue, we are available by phone to give advice on the best way to go about attempting a rescue safely.
  • We can advise you on any particularly helpful items or equipment to take with you.
  • We have humane live traps available to assist you, if needed.