Wildlife rehabilitators have access to the highest abundance and diversity of wildlife species of any government, academic, or non-profit organization in North America.  That provides wildlife rehabilitators with a unique "window" on wildlife health and invaluable information that no other group can provide.

Unfortunately, medical records from these rehabbers are not currently kept in a standardized format and therefore cannot be compiled and compared across regions or throughout the country.

To better assist wildlife rehabilitators and researchers with information management, The Wildlife Center of Virginia has created a user-friendly online system for patient management and data analysis designed for wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife health monitoring professionals.  This system is called WILD-ONe (aka Wildlife Incident Log/Database and Online Network).

WILD-ONe was created to assist wildlife caregivers manage and utilize their records, and for conservation researchers to obtain standardized incident data on injured and orphaned wildlife.

WILD-ONe reduces time spent on paperwork and allows for accurate record keeping and report generation.  WILD-ONe enables wildlife rehabilitators to contribute to a comprehensive global rehabilitation dataset created to assess trends in wildlife health.


We encourage you to take a tour of WILD-ONe and get a sense of how it works:

If you liked the visitor's site, go to the WILD-ONe launch page and follow the easy steps to register your organization or join as a member of an existing organization.