Tours & Off-site Programs

Visit the Center or invite us to come to your location for an in-person program experience.

Our programs promote positive attitudes toward wildlife and emphasize how the personal choices we make affect the health of the environment. All experiences include meeting one or more of our non-releasable wildlife ambassadors. Programs for schools meet the Virginia Standards of Learning requirements.

Due to current COVID-19 and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) restrictions, the Center is not booking on-site tours and is only offering a very limited number of off-site programs. To schedule an online tour or program, please visit this page of our website. 

Wildlife Center Tours

A visit to the Wildlife Center of Virginia is a truly unique opportunity for your class, club, or group. Learn about the inner workings of a wildlife hospital, meet several of our education ambassadors, and take a tour of our resident non-releasable raptors, including owls, hawks, falcons, and an eagle. 

Length: one-hour program
Group size: up to 30
Age: 1st grade through adult*
Cost: $5 per person [minimum fee of $100]
Availability: not available at this time

*Tours are not suitable for children under the age of five. The Center is a working wildlife hospital, and loud noises are very stressful for patients and resident ambassadors.

*Approximately 35-45 minutes of a tour is spent outdoors on uneven, non-paved, sloped terrain. Guests with mobility issues or those who are unable to stand for long periods of time may have difficulty accessing the outdoor portion of a tour. Please contact an outreach staff member at for details.

Off-site Programs

The Wildlife Center offers a limited number of off-site programs at libraries, community centers, festivals, schools, senior centers, and other special events.

Each presentation highlights the inner workings of a wildlife hospital and enables participants to meet one or more non-releasable wildlife ambassadors.

We can often tailor the content of our programs to meet the specific needs or format of your group or event, which may include a specific focus on certain species or types of native wildlife in Virginia, physical and behavioral adaptations of wildlife, habitat requirements for wildlife, and more.

Length: 30-45 minutes
Age: 1st grade through adult
Cost: Program fees range from $100-$250 for a single program. Fee is dependent on the number of animals, audience size, number of programs, and travel distance.*
Availability: The Center is currently scheduling off-site programs on a case-by-case basis with very limited availability. To schedule an online tour or program, please visit this page of our website. 

* mileage fee:  a $0.66 per-mile charge is applied to the round-trip distance from our location in Waynesboro, VA. 

To request a program and receive more information about your group’s options and pricing, please fill out this program request form.