Medical Wish List

Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow Unit

This single unit will allow us to provide oxygen therapy to two critical patients at the same time.  It also has the equipment to provide nebulized medications to patients as needed.  This concentrator is compatible with both our critical care chambers for small- to medium-sized patients, as well as our critical care crates for large patients such as eagles. Cost: $1,600.


Continuing Education Fund
The Center is very proud to have licensed and certified professionals on our staff. Each year our veterinarians, veterinary technician, and wildlife rehabilitators are required to attend recognized conferences in order to maintain their credentials. In addition to obtaining continuing education, our staff members, whenever possible, try to present at these conferences to help educate others and share our experiences. While this is not a physical item for our hospital, we are seeking ongoing funds to help support our professional staff and their ability to contribute to wildlife health. Cost: $1,000


Biochemistry VetScan VS2 Rotors
At long last, the Center has been able to purchase an Abaxis VetScan VS2 biochemistry analyzer. With this tool, we are able to determine a patient's specific organ function while only collecting the tiniest blood sample. Traditionally we required between 1 -2 mls of blood to send to an outside lab with expected results in 48 hours. Now all we need is 0.1 mls of blood and we can get our answer in three minutes! This means we can quickly assess a patient's health and respond accordingly. Each analysis requires a rotor that contains chemicals to sample the blood. While we will continue to use our traditional (and much cheaper) means of obtaining biochemistries for larger animals in stable health, this new tool will be used for patients of all sizes requiring emergency care. Cost: $300 per package of 12 rotors.

Medical Textbooks
The literature on veterinary medicine is scant in comparison to published textbooks on domestic species. New resources are being published each year and it is vital that our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students stay up-to-date on the latest findings. Our hospital would like to update our current selection of textbooks with newer editions so that we can continue to provide the most updated medical, diagnostic, and surgical care to our patients. Cost: Textbooks vary in price between $100 - 200


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