Airline kennels [all sizes]
Antibacterial liquid soap
Aquariums [any size]
Astroturf doormats or rolls
Boomer Ball spinner treat ball
Brass high-pressure hose nozzles
Butterfly nets
Dawn dishwashing liquid [blue]
Extension cords (outdoor grade)
High-quality water hoses
Ink Pens
Freestanding Shelving Unit
Heating pads [with no auto shut-off]
Infant fleece blankets
Kitchen/Postal Scales [digital]
Kitchen shears
Kitchen-size, or larger, trash bags
Kong Extreme dog toys [heavy-duty]
Linens [all sizes, no holes]
Mop heads
Paper for copier [including colored paper]
Paper towels
Pet food bowls [ceramic, all sizes]
Pine shavings
Plastic cable ties [zip cords]
Rubbermaid 10+ gallon plastic tubs
Safety glasses
Scrub brushes
Shredded paper
Tape [Scotch/masking/duct]
Timothy Hay
Tissues [no lotion]
Toilet paper
Tools (power drill)
Towels [no holes]
Tube socks
Wite-Out/Liquid Paper [all colors]
Work gloves
Ziploc bags [gallon or two gallon]
ZooMed Reptile Basking Spot Lamps

Gift certificates to Kroger, Martins, Wal-mart, Lowes, and PetSmart work well -- and we can pick up what we need at that moment in time!

Questions?  Please contact the Wildlife Center at