"Crafty" Supplies

The Wildlife Center also has need of a variety of supplies that are hand-crafted. We do have plans and instructions for each of these projects below.

Cutting & Taping

  • Tail guards:  When raptors are admitted to the Wildlife Center, they often require an extended stay in the Wildlife Center's clinic. This means they may be housed in small enclosures while they heal. During this time, the veterinary team apply tail guards to the birds' tails -- a stiff plastic cover that prevents breakage in the tail feathers. These tail guard instructions simply require cutting and taping, though do also require a special kind of plastic file folder for waterproof protection. Please note:  The most commonly used (and needed) sizes of tail guards are for Red-tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles, and Cooper's Hawks. WCV does not use screech-owl sized tail guards, but they are included in case you'd like to share this document with another rehabilitation facility.


  • Raptor Wrappers:  The veterinary staff use "raptor wrappers" at the Wildlife Center on "weigh days" -- the wrappers are useful tools to quickly contain raptors for weighing, making the weighing process safer for both birds and humans. Please note:  As of October 2012, the Wildlife Center has a good selection of raptor wrappers. However, if you'd like to add to our stockpile, we do share these items with other permitted rehabilitators. We also like to have back-ups since we send the laundry to an off-site laundering facility.
  • Booties:  Other sewing projects include making foot wraps for pelagic birds and other birds with sensitive feet. While these aquatic birds often swim during the day during their hospitalization, the staff will "dry dock" the birds at night. During this time, it's important to keep those sensitive feet protected so that the birds don't injure themselves. Please note that these instructions specify which material to use -- other soft, pre-shrunk, non-loopy fabric will also work. May 2017: We're currently all set on booties!
  • Program Crate Covers: Every time an education ambassador animal participates in an on-site or off-site program, the animal travels in a crate. A crate cover provides the animal with privacy as it travels; the covers also add to the professional look of the Wildlife Center outreach team. Please note:  Neutral crate covers only; no patterns or bright colors. These are best created as a "set" of three or four, so that the same color of crate cover can be used for multiple travel crates for the same program/event. 
  • Reptariums:  The rehabilitation staff use a variety of reptariums for songbirds each year -- meaning that we have a lot in use during the busy summer months!  While reptariums can be purchased through reptile supply vendors, they can also be created by those with sewing skills!

For additional information, please contact the Wildlife Center at 540.942.9453 or at outreach@wildlifecenter.org