Combined Federal Campaign/Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is proud to be a part of two of the largest workplace giving programs in Virginia — programs that enable employees to make donations to their favorite charities through a payroll deduction system.  

The Center participates in the Combined Federal Campaigns -- charitable giving by federal employees across the nation! The Center's CFC identification number is 53001.

The Center is also part of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, for charitable giving by state employees. The Center’s CVC identification number is 3962.

The Center isn’t a federal or state agency – we rely on the generous support of caring individuals to provide quality veterinary medical care to thousands of animals in need each year.

Contributions the Center receive through these campaigns can help provide antibiotics and anti-fungal medication for a Bald Eagle … or a shell repair for an injured turtle … or food for a malnourished and orphaned Black Bear cub.

Thank you for your consideration!