Replacing B-pens

Project: Replacing B Pens
Projected Cost: $72,593

Status: will start early this summer

The B Pens are integral to housing smaller raptors, like Eastern Screech-owls and falcons, as they recover and prepare to return to the wild. The present outdoor B Pens are seven enclosures around a middle “flight-conditioning” area known as the B Yard. Five of the B Pens measure 13 ft by 8 ft, two measure 16 ft by 8 ft; the B Yard measures about 30 ft by 36 ft. These aging enclosures were originally constructed in the mid-1990s – they were moved from the Center’s previous facility in Weyers Cave – and are in need of replacement. 

As part of this project, the current B Pens will be torn down; the plans for the new complex include two additional enclosures. 

Before Photos: