Repair/Water Mitigation of Education Enclosures

Project: Repair/Water Mitigation behind the Rosalie/Gus enclosures
Projected Cost: $19,130
Status: complete!

Barred Owl Gus and Red-tailed Hawk Rosalie are on display in the center of the education animal area. Their aging enclosure has been damaged by water runoff.  In addition, skunks and raccoons have managed to break through rotting boards at the base of this enclosure, with devastating results.  The Center would like to [1] develop a better system of rainwater management and erosion control for this area of the Center “campus”; and [2] make repairs to the Rosalie/Gus enclosures, including rebuilding of the exterior walls at ground level and the installation of concrete thresholds.   


Before Photos

Deterioration of exterior walls and doorways: 

Under Construction Photos: 

This trench may not look that exciting but will have a huge impact on preventing water issues within these enclosures. 

Predator-proofing all exterior walls: 

Finished product: