Rebuilding Large Mammal Isolation Enclosure

Project: Large Mammal Isolation Enclosure Repairs
Projected Cost:  $1,000
Status: starting soon!

The Large Mammal Isolation Enclosure [LMI] is designed to provide secure, isolated housing for large mammals; the LMI is often used as transitional housing for cubs that are not yet quite big enough to be placed in the Black Bear Complex.  The LMI, completed in 2013, consists of two 16 x 16 enclosures, with a connecting passageway.  The guillotine-style doors and pulley system are in need of repair/replacement. This work needs to be completed as quickly as possible, since it’s likely that we’ll need to utilize this space for incoming 2021 Black Bear cubs by May.    


A generous donor has pledged $1,000 toward this project.  Thank you!