Rebuilding Black Bear Complex

Project: Black Bear Complex Repairs
Projected Cost:  $25,000 [preliminary estimate]
Status: Waiting for the 2020 bears to leave! 

The Black Bear complex is composed of three half-acre lots with trees, underbrush, dens, and exploring opportunities for growing bears.  This is the only facility in Virginia designed for the long-term care of bears. Unfortunately, both bears and mother nature can be hard on this large enclosure – rocks and soil wash out from under gates, trees fall on fences, electric fence boxes wear out and need replacing, water supply valves, pipes, and drains are damaged and clogged, etc.  Every year, the Center spends thousands of dollars removing trees, repairing the water system, ensuring that the enclosures will safely and effectively contain crafty bears, etc.  Because the Center needs to keep human interaction with the bears to a minimum, this work should only be undertaken when the enclosures are vacant. 

the Bear Complex has housed up to 21 bears – a record number of Black Bears patients. These bears will be released, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, in April.  At that point, Center staff will quickly need to assess the three bear yards, to identify needed repairs, and to bring in appropriate contractors to make repairs.  This work needs to be completed as quickly as possible; it is quite likely that, by July, the Center will need to have these yards ready to house new cubs admitted in 2021.

A generous donor has pledged $20,000 toward this project.  Thank you!