Re-nesting Birds

Baby birds can be re-nested in a variety of containers, including small berry containers, margarine tubs, baskets, or hanging flower pots. Choose a substitute nest that is similar in size and shape to the original nest. The new nest should be large enough to contain the growing baby bird(s), but small enough so that each bird sits snugly as it grows.

If you are using a solid container, punch holes in the bottom of the new nest for drainage.

Line the nest with material, such as small twigs or dried grass. If the original nest has been destroyed, you can use part of it in your substitute nest. Remember, the nest will be exposed to rain and dew; choose nesting material that will dry quickly.

Secure the substitute nest securely to the tree limb or bush where you are placing the nest. Remember, the parent birds will be perching on the edge of the nest as they continue to feed their young, so you want the new nest to be very secure! Make sure the new nest is as close as possible to the original nest, and make sure it is sheltered from the sun, rain, and predators.