Problem Solving for Indoor Cats


Patience is crucial when trying to make major changes in an animal’s lifestyle. Some cats adapt to being brought inside quickly, while others may take a little longer. Preparing your house before starting the process will help avoid many problems. If behavior issues do occur, don’t immediately give up. Sometimes backing up and reevaluating the plan can help you figure out where things went wrong. There are numerous possibilities and many products on the market to help keep kitty happy indoors. So what are you waiting for? Help save the wildlife in your own backyard and neighborhood and keep your cat safe by making kitty an indoor family member.

Introducing Cats to Other Pets
Taking the Pounce and Bite out of "Tigger"
Redirected Aggression
Scratching Problems
Litter Box Issues

Steps to Bring Your Outdoor Cat Indoors
Learn more about why you should keep cats indoors.

This advice is from Animal Behavior Consultant Cheryl Falkenburry. Read more about Cheryl and her work.