Outreach Volunteer Opportunities

The Outreach Department’s mission is to share conservation messages drawn directly from the stories of the thousands of wild animals we treat each year at the Wildlife Center. The stories of these animals illustrate the wider problems wildlife face -- litter, pesticides, free-roaming domestic animals, habitat loss, and diseases.

Our outreach programs promote positive attitudes toward wildlife and emphasize how the personal choices we make affect the health of the environment. Through our outreach efforts, we challenge people of all ages to take action to protect wildlife. Outreach docents are key players that help us achieve our mission of “teaching the world about wildlife.”

Docents are storytellers, teachers, and representatives of our work. They help us to maintain important connections with the public and our community of support.

Our team of outreach volunteers helps to communicate our conservation messages to thousands of people each year to diverse groups -- from scout troops and elementary school students, to Master Naturalists and wildlife professionals.


Docent responsibilities and privileges include:

  • Leading tours of the Center’s hospital and education animal enclosures
  • Assisting staff with Open House events
  • Participating in special events hosted by the Center, on-and off-site
  • Representing the Center at festivals and special events hosted by other organizations
  • Staying up to date on Center happenings, patient stories, and education animal roster
  • Handling some of the Center's education ambassadors, including turtles, snakes, and raptors (experienced volunteers)
  • Helping staff with minor education animal management (i.e. weekly weights and behavior assessments)

To be a part of the Outreach team, docents must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be comfortable with speaking in public
  • be able to walk or stand for extended periods of time
  • have availability that coordinates with the Center’s needs, which may differ seasonally

Availability and application: The outreach department currently has a limited number of open volunteer positions.

Please complete the online Outreach Docent Volunteer application for consideration.

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