Online Education Resources

The Wildlife Center has compiled an online library of resources about wildlife and wildlife medicine that many teachers may find useful in lesson planning. From patient write-ups to labeled radiographs and maps, this library contains a variety of resources for teachers to use.

  • The Current Patients page. This collection of patient stories and other Wildlife Center news provide a wide variety of topics and discussion points for teachers and their students. Some teachers make the patient updates a regular part of the day with their classroom – students can follow patients from admission to release and learn more about wildlife medicine.
  • Maps. These maps, including an interactive map “tour”, provide an overview of the Center’s building and outdoor enclosures. These may be of interest to students who follow the patient stories at the Center or who have an adopted education animal. The outreach staff is also happy to share additional information [e.g., enclosure measurements] for teachers who would like to create assignments and lessons from the data.
  • Radiographs. These labeled “x-rays” offer an overview of basic comparative anatomy of some of the Wildlife Centers patients.
  • Species-specific Frequently Asked Questions. The Center has compiled an ever-growing list of frequently asked questions on different species treated at the Wildlife Center. These are typically prepared for species viewed on the Critter Cam. The Center answers rehabilitation and treatment questions, and provides natural history information drawn from reputable sources.
  • Avian abbreviations. The Wildlife Center uses a four-letter alpha code for avian species treated at the Center. Learning these codes can be a fun way to teach and test students in the ornithology language.
  • Annual reports. This annual Wildlife Center publication includes data on annual patient case loads at the Center, listed by number of species admitted.
  • The “Need Wildlife Assistance?” page. This advice is designed for would-be wildlife rescuers – to help determine when intervention is needed for a wild animal. This section includes natural history on common Virginia wildlife.
  • Lesson Plan Ideas. This page is a compilation of subjects and lesson plans created by teachers who use the Center’s information and resources in their classrooms. Feel free to use these ideas in your class, and let us know if you need more information!
  • Videos. The Center's YouTube channel features a variety of informational videos on patients and education animals. Most of our videos are organized into playlists to help our viewers find what they are looking for. This video, produced by Lighthouse Studios, gives a nice general overview of the work of the Wildlife Center and may appeal to classrooms of all ages:



Do you have suggestions for other materials and resources that would help you with your environmental and science education projects and classes? We are eager to hear from you! Contact us at