December 27, 2011

Randy Huwa, Executive Vice President: Many people will remember 2011 at the Wildlife Center of Virginia as the year of the “Rock Stars” – the three young Bald Eagles taken from their nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden after their mother was struck and killed by a plane at the Norfolk airport.

The whole Norfolk Three experience is really memorable, but I confess that my “favorite” eagle for 2011 is another bird – KS.

December 26, 2011
Vincent Farrell, Animal Caretaker Preceptorship student (also known as “Vinny the pool boy”): In my time at the Wildlife Center of Virginia in the summer of 2011, I not only learned a lot and made some wonderful new friends, but I also came home with a lot of memories.  Some good, some sad, and some so funny that they still make me laugh with tears of joy!  One memory is particularly exciting.
December 26, 2011
Kate Guenther, Front Desk Coordinator:
December 26, 2011
Dr. Miranda Sadar, Veterinary Fellow: One of my most memorable patients from 2011 is also a patient that defied the odds in order to get released.  Barred Owl 11-1080 came to us on May 31, 2011 from Hanover County.  The nestling owl had apparently fallen from a tree, and I found damage in both of its eyes as well as multiple skin wounds.
December 24, 2011

Over the past three weeks, Bald Eagle #11-2393 has been exercised almost daily by the rehabilitation staff. While the eagle still continues to sport a significant wing droop, this doesn’t seem to be greatly affecting its ability to fly. The eagle is currently flying four to six laps during each exercise session, and maintains height between the two perches. The rehab staff would like to see the eagle gain more stamina, but are encouraged by the good flights.