May 18, 2011
THE WILDLIFE CENTER NEEDS YOUR HELP. Each year the Wildlife Center of Virginia treats more than 2,000 wild animals.  Each year, we train vets from around the world.  Each year, we save lives ... and we help spread the message of how we humans can be better friends to wildlife and the environment. IMAGINE how much more we could do ... if we had $500,000 to improve our medical work and expand our reach. Imagine!
May 17, 2011

The three eaglets had their weekly weigh-in today. #11-0476, NV, also had another blood draw to recheck his lead level.

The weights today:
#11-0474:NZ: 4.39 kg (last week was 4.32 kg)
#11-0475: NX: 4.41 kg (last week was 4.1 kg)
#11-0476: NV: 3.67 kg (last week was 3.42 kg) 

May 12, 2011

11:12 a.m.

Yesterday evening, several eaglet watchers noticed that NV, #11-0476, was limping. This was brought to our attention, and WCV staff tuned in to observe -- by then, the eaglets had settled down for the evening. Cam watchers were on alert all night and into this morning but so far , it doesn't appear that NV is limping anymore. He had a very active day yesterday -- and so did his sisters!

May 10, 2011
Packages are arriving at the Center regularly ... and they're not all for the eaglets!  The staff have started to receive some care packages as well. Tuesday, May 10 A package of chocolate-covered strawberries arrived this morning!  Each staff member in the building today received one ... and a couple were refrigerated for those who are working from home today.  Not many made it into the fridge!