September 8, 2017

The veterinary team ran additional blood work on Bald Eagle HK; results indicated a high white blood cell count, which is concerning to Dr. Ernesto. On Friday, September 8, Dr. Ernesto grew even more concerned when he examined HK and found that the eagle’s right leg – the fractured leg – did not have appropriate blood flow. Dr. Ernesto removed one of the pins from the external fixation to help blood flow; he also scheduled a regimen of warm compresses to HK’s daily therapy, which also includes physical therapy and laser therapy.

September 7, 2017

The morning after Bald Eagle HK’s surgery, Dr. Ernesto noted that the eagle was able to bear weight on his injured right leg, indicating that the external fixator was able to offer support to the eagle; however, HK was not bearing weight on his left leg. When HK is quietly resting in his enclosure, he often lies down with his wings spread out for balance.

September 6, 2017

Dr. Ernesto, Dr. Alexa, and veterinary technician Jenna performed Snapping Turtle 17-2211’s plastronectomy on the afternoon of September 6. The surgery lasted roughly four hours, but the team was unable to remove the hook.


September 6, 2017
On August 26, the Wildlife Center admitted a Snapping Turtle from Spotsylvania County. Snapping Turtle #17-2211 was rescued by animal control after it was observed with
September 6, 2017

During the past week, Bald Eagles #17-0879 and #17-1354 have been flying well during daily exercise sessions; the rehabilitation team feel that it's time for release!