March 18, 2019

Spring is approaching – and it’s almost time to say goodbye to the Black Bears of 2018!

March 15, 2019

On March 8, Bald Eagle #19-0031 was moved to a larger flight pen [A1] to begin flight conditioning. During the first few days of daily exercise, the eagle was not flying very high and it had a slight left wing droop while resting between passes; by the end of the week, the bird’s flight quality had improved slightly. If the eagle continues to improve, the rehabilitation staff will increase the number of passes the bird needs to make during exercise. Flight conditioning will take several weeks, and the eagle will need to reach optimal levels before the staff can consider release.

March 14, 2019

Black Bear yearling #19-0097 has been doing well during the past month – the wounds on the bear’s paws have slowly been healing. By the end of February, the bear no longer needed bandages on her paws; her February skin-scraping was also negative for mange mites.

March 13, 2019

Barred Owls #19-0022 and #19-0076 have been doing well for the past two weeks; while the owls generally don’t appear to perch close to one another, they are tolerating sharing the same space, and both owls are eating well.

March 12, 2019

During evening treatments on March 8, the veterinary team noted that Bald Eagle #19-0129 was lying down in its crate and was breathing heavily when handled for assessment. They placed the eagle in the oxygen chamber; when they checked on the bird later, the eagle was still lying down but its respiratory effort had improved. They left the bird in the oxygen chamber overnight to continue oxygen therapy.

Unfortunately, the following morning on March 9, Bald Eagle #19-0129 was found dead in its crate.