October 28, 2019

The 2020 “Garden of Eagles®” Calendar can now be pre-ordered!

For the eleventh consecutive year, the “Garden of Eagles®” Calendar is pleased to share with loyal wildlife enthusiasts beautiful photos featuring the Bald Eagles we have all come to know and love. The calendar is made possible only through the generosity of many photographers who donate their beautiful photos not only for all to enjoy, but also to help wildlife through support of the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

October 25, 2019

Pied-billed Grebe #19-3094 had a follow-up examination, radiographs, and ophthalmic examination on October 24. Dr. Ernesto, the Center’s hospital director, believes that the grebe is having vision issues in both of its eyes, likely due to the compression from the grebe’s fractured skull. It may be that the head trauma and subsequent swelling of the brain damaged the grebe’s optic nerve; at this point, prognosis is poor though there’s still a small chance that as the fracture heals, the swelling around the brain decreases and the grebe may regain vision.

October 23, 2019

In April 2019, this very young Red-tailed Hawk was found with his deceased sibling by the side of the road in Washington County, Virginia. The two nestling birds fell out of their nearby nest after a storm; Rowan had a fractured leg and an injured left eye. He was taken to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke for treatment and transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia in May 2019.

October 17, 2019

On October 16, the veterinary team anesthetized Bobcat #19-2408 for repeat diagnostics and a physical exam.

The kitten was captured in a net and injected with sedative medication. The Bobcat fell asleep quickly and was brought down to the clinic for radiographs, blood collection, and a physical exam.

October 10, 2019

Brown Pelican #19-3008 did not make improvements this week; the pelican remained in the Center’s holding room, receiving intravenous fluids and other medications. Sadly, on the afternoon of October 10, the pelican was found deceased in her enclosure.