September 18, 2018

The four Great Horned Owlets have been doing well in A2 this summer. While the owls haven’t been in a “formal” exercise regimen, they have been active and flying in their large space. Now that fall is approaching, the owlets will be split up for additional exercise and live prey testing, to ensure that each young bird can successfully catch and kill its own food.

September 18, 2018

Black Bear #18-1952 is ready for release!

The veterinary team and biologists with the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries conferred last week after the successful root canal of the bear’s injured tooth. Since the bear has made a full recovery from mange, nearly doubled her weight, and is ready for the fall and winter season, everyone decided it would be best to get the adult bear back to the wild.

September 18, 2018

Bald Eagle #18-2440 has been flying very well during the past two weeks, and is able to complete an average of 12 or more passes perch-to-perch during daily exercise sessions. The rehabilitation team reports that the bird has great height and form while flying, and bumped the eagle up to a goal of 15+ passes during each exercise session this week. Dr. Karra examined the bird’s sutures during a routine feet and feather check on September 17; the sutures were found to be clean and intact.  

September 14, 2018

On September 13, a roofing crew spotted an adult Canada Goose on the roof of Petco in Staunton. The goose was quiet and not moving much; it appeared as though the goose had been on the roof for a significant period of time and could not get down. Staunton Animal Control Officers responded to the scene and called the Staunton Fire Department; rescuers were able to use a bucket truck to retrieve the distressed goose.

September 13, 2018

On the morning of September 13, Dr. Peach darted and sedated Black Bear #18-1952 so that she could be loaded into DGIF biologist Jaime Sajecki’s transport truck to head to Richmond for a root canal.