Wildlife Center Admits 63 Patients in November 2011

The Wildlife Center of Virginia admitted 63 patients in the month of November, and to date, has admitted 2,629 patients in 2011. While new admissions are decreasing as the winter months approach, the number of raptors admitted has increased dramatically. Of 63 new patients, 26 were raptors (41%), including nine Eastern Screech Owls, two Cooper’s Hawks, four Barred Owls, and five Bald Eagles. Compare this to October, when 15 out of 112 patients were raptors (13%), and September, when 12 raptors of 203 patients were admitted (6%). The veterinary staff estimates they performed eight to ten surgeries in November, while in a “normal” month they would do only one or two. Interesting cases included the Caroline County Bald Eagle that died from lead toxicity and spurred the Wildlife Center to urge hunters to take steps to curb lead poisoning, including an appearance by Director of Outreach Amanda Nicholson on WHSV TV-3 evening news to discuss the issue. Two patients, a Bald Eagle and a Black Vulture, were admitted due to suspected power line contact; though the Black Vulture is being prepared for release, the Bald Eagle did not survive its injuries. Notable species included a Ruffed Grouse, a Ruddy Duck, three Northern Raccoons and two Eastern Red Bats.    The Wildlife Center Critter Cam was viewed in some new corners of the globe, including India, the Russian Federation, Mexico, and Panama. France made a stronger showing in November, pushing Australia out of the top five, but Canada, the UK, Germany and Colombia held fast to their spots. The Wildlife Center of Virginia’s 2011 patient numbers continue to run significantly higher than 2010. Your donation will help support the more than 2,600 patients that will be admitted this year… and assist in the Center’s mission to teach the world to care for and care about wildlife and the environment!