Veterinary Internship

Position: Veterinary Internship Department: Veterinary Supervisor: Director of Veterinary Medicine Also Reports to: Veterinary Resident Organization Information The Wildlife Center of Virginia will be offering a six-month veterinary/veterinary technician internship commencing July 1, 2009. This position has the potential to be extended to a maximum of 1 year. The Wildlife Center is a non-profit conservation organization with a professionally staffed, fully equipped, 5,700 square foot hospital, research, and environmental education center located in Waynesboro, Virginia and has been operating for 27 years. WCV admits approximately 2,800 patients annually representing over 200 species. Sixty-five percent of the patients are birds and approximately half of these are raptors. Training The intern will be supervised by an ACVPM board-eligible veterinarian and assisted by a staff veterinarian, a veterinary intern, a licensed veterinary technician, animal care staff, and numerous volunteers. The intern will be involved in all aspects of wildlife medicine including surgery, diagnostic sample collection, radiography, anesthesia, surgery, medical treatment, necropsy, husbandry, record maintenance, telephone consultations, and presentations at rounds. This internship will place a special emphasis on veterinary diagnostics and a significant amount of time will be spent performing CBC’s, cytology, fecal examinations, and wildlife parasitology. The intern will also supervise senior veterinary students from various schools. Conference presentation and writing for publication are encouraged. Opportunities exist to be involved in ongoing conservation medicine research projects as well as interaction with local or allied institutions (Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, University of Virginia, Virginia Marine Science Museum, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine). Candidates must have a strong interest in wildlife medicine, and must have well-developed interpersonal and clinical skills. Experience in wildlife medicine is desirable, but not required. Applicants must be proficient in English and preference will be given to applicants with clinical experience. A Virginia veterinary license is NOT required and all national and international candidates will be considered for the position. Key areas of responsibility * Primary patient care and management * Performing diagnostic procedures (radiographs, blood work, and fecal exams) to evaluate patient health * Provide technical support to the staff veterinarians as needed including patient admissions and maintenance and completion of daily patient records. * Completion of routine daily patient treatments, including working with students, volunteers and rehabilitators to coordinate and perform routine morning and afternoon treatments. * Assist and/or perform surgical procedures. * Assist with training students (veterinary and veterinary technician) and volunteers. * Assist with other duties which may include assisting with rehabilitation tasks, feeding of orphaned animals etc. Compensation * Housing will be provided in addition to transportation to and from the student house. * An allowance of $500/month will be provided to offset living expenses. * 2 days off per week (working on Saturday and Sunday will be required). * The successful candidate will receive a certificate of internship in wildlife and conservation medicine on completion of the program. Qualifications * Be one of the following: veterinarian, technician, final year veterinary student or final year technician student. * Excellent interpersonal skills; team player with the ability to work independently. * Hardworking and efficient with good organizational skills. * Flexible with the ability to adapt to a dynamic environment. * Even tempered, ability to remain calm in stressful situations. * Positive attitude and a sense of humor. * Ability to lift a minimum of 40 pounds. Interested applicants should submit a current curriculum vitae, a letter of interest indicating career goals, and three letters of reference. The position is open until filled. Applications and Questions may be directed to: Dr. David McRuer MSc, DVM Director of Veterinary Services The Wildlife Center of Virginia P.O. Box 1557, Waynesboro, VA 22980 540-942-9453 Further information about The Wildlife Center of Virginia can be found at