Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many Americans are busily preparing for their Thanksgiving meals, planning and creating various tasty dishes to share with family and friends. The staff at the Center are also checking their ingredients and updating their guest list -- at this point, the staff expect a group of 112!

Dr. Emily, Jess, Kelsey, and Liz, along with students Austin, Mychol, Maria, and Asael, are at the Wildlife Center today caring for the 92 patients and 20 education animals. Kelsey and her crew will be preparing and delivering meals, as well as cleaning enclosures and updating patient records. While 112 may seem like a large guest list, this will be a fairly "easy" day compared to this summer when we had nearly 300 patients to serve!

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce aren't on the Wildlife Center menus – instead of a traditional family-style Thanksgiving meal, the Wildlife Center crew will make dozens of species-specific diets, which cater to each species' needs and each patient's particular desires.

Rehabber Recipe cards include: 


While the rehabbers are busy in the kitchen, Dr. Emily and her team will go through morning treatments for patients in need of medications, bandage changes, daily checks, or other medical procedures. And they’ll be ready for any new patients that might arrive -- always a possibility, any day of the year. By the time the staff go home to their Thanksgiving dinners, all 112 animals will be fed, watered, and cared for.

The Center is able to provide quality healthcare to wild animals in need through the generosity and support of caring individuals. We send you our best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Our patients are thankful for your support … and we are too!

This year’s Thanksgiving guest list at the Wildlife Center includes:

  • 5 American Black Bears
  • 1 American Crow
  • 2 American Kestrels
  • 4 Bald Eagles
  • 4 Barred Owls
  • 1 Black Vulture
  • 1 Cooper's Hawk
  • 1 Cornsnake
  • 4 Deer Mice
  • 1 Eastern Fox Squirrel
  • 18 Eastern Gray Squirrels
  • 1 Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
  • 1 Eastern Painted Turtle
  • 4 Eastern Ratsnakes
  • 5 Eastern Screech-Owls
  • 3 Great Horned Owls
  • 1 Gyrfalcon
  • 3 Hermit Thrushes
  • 1 Mourning Dove
  • 1 Peregrine Falcon
  • 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker
  • 4 Red-shouldered Hawks
  • 9 Red-tailed Hawks
  • 1 Russian Tortoise
  • 1 Snapping Turtle
  • 4 Virginia Opossums
  • 1 Western Hog-nosed Snake
  • 1 White-throated Sparrow
  • 27 Woodland Box Turtles
  • 1 Yellow-bellied Slider


Happy Thanksgiving to all!