Saying Goodbye to Malcolm the Cornsnake

On July 26, Wildlife Center staff made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize Malcolm the Cornsnake, one of the education ambassador snakes who has been a part of the Center’s family since February 2010. Malcolm’s health and mobility has been deteriorating during the past year, and he has been fully retired from programs since late 2018.

Malcolm was likely hatched in captivity and was a pet for a number of years before coming to the Wildlife Center in 2010. His former owners estimate that he was about 16 years old when he came to live at the Wildlife Center, making him about 25 years old at his time of death.

Malcolm made an easy transition into the life of an education ambassador at the Center; his calm, gentle, easy-going demeanor made him an excellent candidate for programs, and he was typically the first education reptile that new staff, students, and volunteers were trained to handle. In his nine years at the Center, the outreach staff estimate that he appeared in nearly 800 programs and met 27,000 people. His beautiful bright orange and yellow coloration made him easy to recognize and remember. Because Malcolm’s enclosure was in the Center’s library, where countless animal rescuers and visitors visited, he likely met far more people than the staff could track.

Through the Center’s education programs, particularly the “For Goodness Snakes” program, Malcolm helped people understand snakes better and hopefully less afraid of his divisive species.

Rest in peace, old friend. You will be missed.