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As we approach the end of summer, teachers everywhere are busily engaged in planning for the new school year. The Wildlife Center of Virginia website has abundant resources for teachers to help them incorporate the lessons of wildlife veterinary medicine and environmental conservation into their science, biology, and environmental science lesson plans.

Below is a list, with links, of resources available.

UNTAMED: Life is Wild

Produced in conjunction with VPM, Virginia’s home for public media, UNTAMED is an award-winning television series focused on wildlife issues drawn directly from the stories of the thousands of wild animals that the Center treats every year. Episodes focus on major themes affecting wildlife and the environment, and they engage many of the Virginia Standards of Learning for environmental science and ecology. These include habitat loss, invasive species, the role of predators, the role of watersheds, and the One Health approach to issues affecting humans, wildlife, and the environment.

This link takes you to a list of episodes available. Each individual episode page contains embedded video of the half-hour episode itself, along with links to outside resources, bios of the episode participants, and a student activities keyed to the episode.

Monthly Live Streams and Hospital Cam

Each month, the Wildlife Center stages a number of streamed live programs, many of them built around wildlife and conservation themes that will be of interest in classrooms. This month, our theme is Enrichment -- providing physically and mentally stimulating activities and environments to keep our education ambassador animals happy and healthy. A list of upcoming live sessions is here.

Also monthly, our live stream Hospital Cam takes you behind the scenes at our busy wildlife hospital. Watch as our vets and technicians and rehabbers perform treatments narrated by our knowledgeable outreach staff.

Direct Live Programs 

We can Zoom into your room -- with live visits from animal ambassadors and programs that can be tailored to specific SOLS. The Center’s expert Outreach and Education staff have presented programs to more than a million children and adults in our 40 years. To find out more about available programs, and to contact our staff, visit this page.

…. And More….

Wildlife Care Academy contains on-demand courses “All About Owls” and
All About Snakes” including PowerPoint lectures, worksheets, and activities.

Our Wildlife Help and Advice pages give plenty of detailed information about living with our wild neighbors.

Caring for Critters has an Academic Year Sponsorship that allows teachers and their classrooms to virtually “adopt” a particular education animal and incorporate that animal into ongoing classroom lessons. Some caring individuals are willing to underwrite the cost of a Caring for Critters sponsorship for a classroom. Contact us for more information.

Teachers can find more information at the links above, or reach out directly to our Education staff at