Presenting: Oscar's Oscars 2018

Ever since Oscar the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake joined our ambassador staff in 2015, we've hosted Oscar's Oscar Awards each year. Oscar was named for the impressive acting abilities of the hog-nosed snake species and the dramatic “death scenes” that they often employ to evade predators -- truly Oscar-worthy! This year, Oscar is delighted to announce the following winners: 

Best Leading Actor in an Action Film: Albus, the Eastern Ratsnake for his three-week action adventure!

Best Makeup & Hairstyling: Bo, the Virginia Opossum (who has gone red as he's grown up).

Best Foreign Language Film: Barred Owls Athena & Gus, in "Who Cooks for You? Hootin' it Up on Galentine's Day

Best Costume Design: Wilson the Eastern Box Turtle for his Bowser Halloween Costume. 

Best Picture: two-time award winner Maggie the Peregrine Falcon, for her coaster creations.

And, of course, the snake himself ... Best Actor goes to Oscar!