Pignoli Timelines

One of our regular “Cam in the Classroom” groups is Mrs. Matheson’s third-grade class in Arizona. Because Mrs. Matheson’s class adopted Pignoli the Eastern Screech-owl this school-year, Pignoli often “helps” with the class’s math, science, reading, and writing assignments.

The class recently did a reading lesson on timelines – learning how to read information from “functional documents”. Pignoli helped supply the following six dates for the students to chart:

August 2012 – adopted by Mrs. Matheson’s 3rd grade class
October 2003 – admitted as a patient to WCV
March 2004 – declared non-releasable
November 2003 – damaged right eye is removed
March 2007 – Alex moves in ‘next door’
February 2013 – confirm that Pignoli is a female


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