New Face at Wildlife Center

Madis Leivits [left] and Dr. Marc Isidoro

The Wildlife Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Marcos [Marc] Isidoro Ayza as our new Intern for Veterinary Diagnostics.   Marc is a veterinarian from Spain.  He most recently worked at the GREFA Wildlife Hospital in Madrid.  In 2009 the Center created this one-year internship, designed to provide hands-on training in diagnostic and lab skills and clinical experience in wildlife medicine.  The internship could be particularly helpful to international veterinarians, many of whom will work without the technical support of a Licensed Veterinary Technician. 

In welcoming Dr. Marc, the Center says "see you soon " to Madis Leivits, the first to hold this position, who is now returning to his home in Estonia.  During his tenure, Madis was most often the "go-to guy" when it came to handling a more difficult animal -- a bear cub, for example, or a large raptor.  Frequent visitors to the "eagle patients" pages on the Center's website have come to recognize Madis's picture -- in the clinic, at an eagle release, or in a canoe to rescue an eagle.  When presented with a task, no matter how challenging, Madis would say, "Consider it done" -- and it would be. Madis also introduced the Wildlife Center community to the Estonian commemoration of St. John's Day [June 24], including the tradition of bonfire-jumping.           

WARNINGDo NOT attempt this on your own, unless you are being supervised by an Estonian.

Madis will be completing his veterinary training in Estonia.  All of his friends in the Wildlife Center community wish him continued success.