NBG Eaglets, Wednesday May 11

9:00 a.m.

We imagine there are many people reaching for the coffee this morning after staying up too late watching the eaglets last night. We were pleased to discover that Dr. Dave's quick fix of the infrared light source worked yesterday -- we now have night vision!  The fix?  He reset the breaker that the light was plugged into. Yes, sometimes things are truly quick fixes. Despite the fact that the picture last night looked as though someone switched on a light bulb -- this is a very low amount of infrared light. According to colleagues at the Houston Nature Center, to the IR cameras, the dome illuminator looks like a light bulb on the ceiling. To the birds (and humans), they just see a very faint red glow. This should not have any effect on the eaglets at all -- just on the humans that are staying up all night to see what goes on! Meanwhile, NZ (#11-0474) seems to be teasing the world by regularly checking out the newly added branches to the eaglets' nest. While she hasn't made a first big branching attempt yet, we suspect that it won't be long now!

4:16 p.m.

Lots of teasing today from NZ, but she didn't manage to branch out any further on her new "furniture" -- yet. Everyone was very active throughout the day and spend a lot of time perching and looking around, as well as playing with pine cones, sticks, and feathers. Many often assume that when one eaglet is laying down, it must be NV -- not so, today!  Sister NX spent some time laying down while NZ and NV were up and about.