NBG Eaglets, Wednesday July 20

All was well at this morning's weigh-in -- all three birds are in good condition. The "foot & feather checks" revealed that all three have good feather condition and healthy feet -- NX is only missing one feather on her left wing, which isn't causing her any problems.

For those who watched the live weigh-in (or for those who may be watching the recorded event), wildlife rehabilitator Suzy first caught NV. Dr. Miranda then caught NZ and passed her off to Vinny, one of our animal caretaker preceptorship students. Dr. Miranda then went in to catch NX -- who stubbornly sat on the perch for a few minutes, just out of Dr. Miranda's reach.

The current weights:
NZ: 4.02 kg [last weight was 4.06 kg]
NX: 4.08 kg [last week was 4.01 kg]
NV: 3.58 kg [last week was 3.43 kg]

The eaglets received live fish yesterday afternoon -- five fish in the larger tub and four in the smaller tub. As of the weigh-in time, there were three fish left in each tub. The staff will continue to periodically place dead fish in the tubs, to allow for more practice. Tonight's menu includes five fish in the far tub, and four fish on the ground.