NBG Eaglets, Tuesday May 3

11:35 a.m.

NZ was spotted perched on the edge of the nest this morning -- all were up and active after eating a hearty goose meat breakfast.

 12:47 p.m.

The WCV team caught all three eaglets today for a scheduled weigh-in. It's important to the staff to keep tabs on the eaglets' weights to ensure that all are receiving their fair share of food. The rehab staff will also use the new weights to recalculate the amount of food given to the eaglets throughout the day. Once caught and weighed, the eaglets spent a few additional minutes in an enclosed tub so that the rehab staff could clean the nest area. The walls surrounding the nest were washed. Wildlife rehabiliator Suzy Doell also spent a few extra minutes picking small fish and goose bits out of the nest. This will help keep flies and other insects from being attracted to the nest. #11-0476 -- NV -- also had another blood sample taken. This blood was immediately re-checked in the Center's lead analyzer machine.   The results:  the lead level came in at "low", which means too low to measure. That means that the lead resolve on its own and no treatment is neeed.

As for the weights -- a bit of a surprise today!  Today the eaglets weighed in at:
#11-0474: NZ: 3.41 kg (lost a little weight)
#11-0475: NX: 3.88 kg (gained 400 grams)
#11-0476: NV: 4.015 kg!  This is a 1 kg increase from Friday. The smallest eaglet is now the heaviest!