NBG Eaglets, Tuesday May 17

The three eaglets had their weekly weigh-in today. #11-0476, NV, also had another blood draw to recheck his lead level.

The weights today:
#11-0474:NZ: 4.39 kg (last week was 4.32 kg)
#11-0475: NX: 4.41 kg (last week was 4.1 kg)
#11-0476: NV: 3.67 kg (last week was 3.42 kg) 

Since all are eating well and gaining weight, their food has been reduced to two feedings a day. Wildlife rehabilitator Suzy Doell reports that the eaglets haven't been eating all of their food at each feeding -- with the lunchtime meal being the least eaten -- which shows us that they are ready for twice a day feedings. They're certainly growing up! NV's lead level was 0.053 ppm today -- down from 0.055 ppm last week. This is still a low lead level, and is no cause for concern. For more questions and answers on lead, please review our posting from May 2. Unfortunately, some eagle-watchers have been experiencing webcam issues this week. The WCV tech person (and board member) has been working on this, and we hope to resolve these issues soon. Right now, cam viewers aren't missing too much -- it's been a very rainy, dark day in Waynesboro, and everyone has been laying low for the most part.