NBG Eaglets, Tuesday June 7

11:46 a.m.

And we're live!  The webcam is back on this morning, in preparation for the eaglets' arrival at about 12:30 p.m. today. We've taken some additional photos of the completed pen just to give you a sense of what's going on "behind" the camera.

3:59 p.m.

NX and NV returned to the nest at about 1:00 p.m. After taking a couple of hours to settle in, NV tested things out -- with a quick hop to the A-frame perch, followed by a bigger hop/flight to the swinging perch, followed by an even bigger hop/flight back to the nest! 

Results from today's weigh-in:
NV: 3.33 kg (last week was 3.42 kg)
NX: 4.18 kg (last week was 4.26 kg) Both are in good body condition.

NV also had another blood draw to follow up on his lead levels post-treatment. The results:  0.04 ppm -- down from the last in-house test of 0.062 ppm. A sample was also sent to an outside lab.