NBG Eaglets, Tuesday June 14

8:25 a.m.
NZ will return to her siblings this afternoon -- the plan for the day is to gather materials at about 12:30 p.m. [barring any other wildlife emergencies] and the weigh-in crew will make their way up to the flight pens to catch NX and NV for their weekly weigh-in. Once NV and NX are weighed and are back in their enclosure, a staff member will bring NZ into the flight pen.

And that's not all! After discussing the numerous eagle cases at the Wildlife Center, the veterinary team has decided to put Bald Eagle #11-1234 in the flight pen as well. After reports of not flying all that well [after the original rescue and attempted releases], it will be beneficial to see how the bird does in a larger space. Plus, having eagle friends is always nice too! As for distinguishing characteristics to tell who's who -- the Virginia Beach bird is also banded [KS] and is missing several tail feathers.

NV will not have his lead levels checked today -- the outside lab results came in at the end of last week, reading at 0.07 ppm. This has decreased from the previous outside lab test performed. Veterinarians will re-check him next week at the weigh-in just to monitor trends.

3:28 p.m.
The weigh-in went well today -- with a pretty impressive mid-air capture of NX by Dr. Miranda! The reintroduction of NZ and introduction of KS went quite well -- after a little bit of time on the ground, following bit a little bit of time on the A-frame perch, both birds flew up to the swinging perch.
Results from the weigh-in:

NZ: 3.94 kg [last weight was 3.82 kg]
NX: 4.23 kg [last week was 4.18 kg]
NV: 3.43 kg [last week was 3.33 kg]
KS: 4.02 kg [incoming weight was 3.85 kg]

Our latest update from our "tech guy" is that we may NOT be doing a cam switch tomorrow -- a few issues with our cam order, but we'll keep everyone up to date!