NBG Eaglets, Tuesday July 5

All three Norfolk eaglets were caught up this morning for their bi-weekly (every other week) weigh-in. They also had routine "foot and feather checks" -- the veterinary team examine the wing and tail feathers as well as the feet, just to ensure there aren't any problems. NZ was also brought into the clinic for another set of leg radiographs, just to check on her chip fracture from several weeks ago.

The entire procedure happened very quickly this morning. Dr. Miranda first caught NZ while Suzy caught NX. NV flew a few extra laps while NX was weighed and checked. The only thing of note on NX was that she has a broken feather on her left wing, which shouldn't affect her. Suzy then caught NV for his weight and feather/foot check -- as well as a blood draw to re-check lead levels. Today's reading came in at 0.039 ppm -- even lower than two weeks ago.

Today's weights for the three birds:

NZ: 4.06 kg [last weight was 4.05 kg]
NX: 4.01 kg [last week was 4.04 kg]
NV: 3.43 kg [last week was 3.37 kg]

Dr. Miranda reports that NZ's leg radiographs look good -- the leg has entirely healed.